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Joe College circa 1979 / 1980:
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rock Against Radiation button; Toronto punk show, Nathan Philips Square 1980

Thanks to reader Dean (formerly guitarist of Toronto punk band Body Bag) for sending in photos of the Rock Against Radiation button from the Summer of 1980, a time I remember as the Summer of DOA. The Toronto City Hall show on July 19th, 1980 featured The Viletones, DOA, Forgotten Rebels, and Joe College and The Rulers, with Mendelson Joe as a guest speaker. The Demics were on the poster but due to a mixup (read Joey's book I Shithead) regarding amps, they didn't play.

Here's the button:

Here's a link to DOA poster from Toronto 1980, plus Rock Against Radiation 1979 Vancouver poster

Friday, August 27, 2010

How Matt missed the boat; Why Ragan should win!

How Matt Missed the Boat

When Matt discovered he was #4 in a 4-man brigade, he had a golden opportunity to flip the script, and he missed it! All he had to do was confide privately about his former alliance, and let Ragan, Britney and Brendon know they were all equals destined for the final four, where they would then compete for survival. Britney may have been a tough sell, yet she wouldn't have been higher than fourth otherwise, so what would she have to lose?

Why Ragan Should Win

In addition to being a well-spoken, genuine good guy, Ragan also makes great TV, as he wears his heart on his sleeve. A wondrously successful America's Player (now called Saboteur), Ragan has earned a shot at the title. Still, he's going to have to win some more competitions, and soon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Early Punk Posters; DOA, Rock Against Radiation

Here's a 1980 DOA poster from shows we did with them in Toronto:

The Turning Point show on this poster is the concert where Chuck and Randy fought onstage and off, described in detail in Joey's book I Shithead, A Life in Punk. It was an incredibly intense evening, a real night to remember!

Here's the poster for the 1979 Rock Against Radiation concert in Vancouver, BC:

I was at that 1979 Rock Against Radiation event in Vancouver (Subhumans were great, DOA was awesome as usual; K-Tels was the original name of Art Bergman's Young Canadians band) and it was definitely the inspiration for the Rock Against Radiation protest concert we held in Toronto the next year. Speaking of which, NOW, if anybody has a copy of the multicoloured Rock Against Radiation poster for July 19, 1980 at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, please scan it and email me (yuyajoe at yahoo dot ca) a copy, or post it in my comments section. A prize will be awarded!!!

Official website of punk band DOA / Sudden Death Records

Monday, August 23, 2010

Buddhists in Punk Rock; +Seeing Clearly website

Buddhism and Punk Rock

Though most folks would associate punk rock with atheism (Joey of DOA is my favorite prominent atheist) and Rastafari (punk and Reggae shared many roots in rebellion and protest), Buddhism has permeated the punksphere and it makes perfect sense. The two main dances at early punk concerts were the Pogo and the Standing Still, and each of those has spiritual elements. The Pogo represents total abandon and it was dozens of Us doing this crazy thang that created the first mosh pits in the late 70s. The Standing Still represents total self control in the face of chaos and mayhem, the all-seeing eye in the heart of the storm.

Two books on this topic arose on a Google search:

Hardcore Zen; Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth About Reality, by Brad Warner

Sit Down and Shut Up; Punk Rock Commentaries on Buddha, by Brad Warner

When small groups of fun-loving, music-driven social rebels played punk in the late 70s and early 80s, there was tremendous camaraderie and in Vancouver especially (where I sang for The Reactors at Smilin Buddha and other venues), about half the crowd was often musicians from and friends of other bands on the scene. Ya had to be there, but Joe Keithley's book I Shithead, A Life in Punk will give you a great taste.

And Now, for Something Completely Different...

Secular Humanism and Buddhist Thought

My sister Debbie is a secular humanist who practices and teaches Buddhism, and her own site represents a profoundly delicate synthesis of Eastern spiritualty and Western manifestation. Her website is called Seeing Clearly, and it is a great read, clearly illustrating how POV or point of view distorts our perceptions of reality, as most of us assume our view is the truth. There are stories that demonstrate these concepts, and Debbie updates the site several times a year. Her background and foundation are Shambala, yet her teachings on the website are universal in application and personal in feel.

Here's an excerpt from the Intro to Debbie McCubbin's Seeing Clearly website:

There are many different spiritual paths, and for good reason – people are touched and opened in different ways. What I’m writing about here is one kind of journey. On one hand, the layers of learning and seeing are endless and always continue. On the other hand, it feels quite tangible that my mind has changed noticeably over the past ten years. It’s more present, less reactive, less prone to getting caught up in neurotic thoughts, less speedy, and much more comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity. It’s a mind that’s less in search of defense and perfection, and more comfortable with the full range of the brilliance and the pain of the human condition. Though I still have lots of foibles and flaws, I can feel the difference in my mind and in the quality of my life. I feel alive, not like I’m living a tentative and anxious life in my head.

Check it out!!!

Peace 2 All,

Yuya Joe College

Battlestar Galactica and Highway 61 Revisited; the Road to PEI

All Along the Watchtower is on the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 soundtrack, and that's cool, yet there appears to be a reference to the Dylan album Highway 61 Revisited in one of the episodes, not sure which season.

According to my son Aaron, a man is about to read a passage from a book when the woman with him says "turn to page 61."

He does, and finds a spliff neatly tucked there. They begin to smoke it and she claims "the doctor won't mind, it's medicinal."

This was great to hear as Highway 61 Revisited had only recently been the theme of our wondrous journey to PEI!

PEI trip with links blog post

Vinyl Records LPs for Sale in Markham Ontario

Okay, here's the idea. I usually sell between 500 and 1,500 vinyl records per month, primarily through craigslist.ca and kijiji.ca. The difficulty with selling record here is that by the time one would secure decent search engine rankings, those lots would be gone and entirely new LPs would be up for sale.

Still, this could be a decent vehicle if, rather than making a new post for each new set of stacks, I'll just update THIS exact post with the new material. Let's give it a shot!

Here are what's currently available (email yuyajoe at yahoo.ca to arrange pickup):

Why pay $1 to $10+ for records when you're just getting started and can buy in bulk for .25 to .30 per disc? We sell to top hip hop producers, Films (Scott Pilgrim vs), Plays (Rock'nRoll), beginning samplers and collectors.

3 Great Stacks of Bulk records for sale NOW:SOLD

Stack Guitar Rox AA1974 - Rock Pop Country Rock'NRoll Dance Folk +++ $70
Guess Who, Grand Funk, Eagles, Europe, Jean Luc Ponty, Petra, Edgar Winter, Joe Walsh, Eye Eye, Dream Academy, Charley Pride, Conway Twitty, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Hollies, classical, Platters, hits collections, Streisand, Phil Collins, Gordon Lightfoot, Cheap Trick, Stevie Wonder, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Doobie Bros

3 boxes with 240+ records just $70 SOLD

Stack Samplers Delight AA2015 - Pop Rock Jazz Folk R&B World Instr +++ $70 SOLD

CHIC, Earth Wind & Fire, Atlantic Starr, Lionel Hampton, Earl Grant, Chery Riley, Motown, Tom Tom Club, Mambo, Escape Club, Gypsy, Hawaiian, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight and The Pips++++

Est 260++ discs incl 75 sleeveless, ALL for just $70 SOLD

Stack Piece A Love AA1979 - Folk Pop Rock Instr R&B +++ $70 SOLD

Gordon Lightfoot, Eagles, Emmylou Harris, Paul Simon, Kid Creole, George Benson, Julian Lennon, Erasue, Jean-Luc Ponty, New Edition, Don McLean, Glen Campbell, Hollies, Bing Crosby, Chet Atkins, Commodores, The Jones Girls, Smother Bros, Chilliwack, The Cars, Bananarama, Murray McLachlan, Carole King, Linda Ronstadt+++

3 boxes 240+ records only $70

2 stacks for $130; buy all 3 for just $180 and get 9 boxes with over 750 records, < 0.25 each!!! SOLD


Stack EIGHT - Rock Pop Folk Country Mishmash - $40

2 large boxes and one smaller box of odds and sods, this and that, mixed condition but artists incl CCR, Grand Funk, Cat Stevens, Earth Wind and Fire, Edward Bear, The supremes, eagles, Dean Martin, Gordon Lightfoot.

Over 270 vinyl records just $40!

Stack NINE - Sampler's Starter Stack - Pop Rock Jazz Folk Foreign World R^B Country + $60

Al Green, Stan Kenton, Latin, Armada orchestra, Frank Sinatra +++

1 large box and 2 small boxes with 200+ records only $60

Stack ONE - Pop Rock Folk Vinyl Records +++ $90 SOLD

incl Dylan (Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid), Jeff Beck (Blow By Blow), Roxy Music, Dr. Hook, Janis Joplin, Moody Blues, Tom Jones, The Romantics, Simon and Garfunkel, Stevie Nicks, Heart, Asia, Burton Cummings, Triumph, Rolling Stones, April Wine +++

3 boxes with 210+ vinyl records for only $90! SOLD

Stack TWO - All Styles 78s - $60

Unchecked 78s just came in as part of a trade, loads of 78s here now!!!

5 boxes of 78s est 400+ $60 takes all

Stack THREE - Samplers Delight Mixmash Vinyl Records - $90

Incl R&B, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Disco, Instrumental, World, Foreign, loads of great records for sampling groovy and unusual sounds.

Artists incl. Stan Kenton, Nils Lindberg, Sade, Teddy Pendergrass, Gladys Kinght and the Pips, Ramsey Lewis, Hiroshima, Soft Cell, Madonna, World Party, Sarah Vaughan, Diana Ross, Sophie B Hawkins, Godspell, Asha, Michael Urbaiak, Latin Wave, Neneh Cherry, Kool and The Gang, Duran Duran, Tina Turner, Duke Ellington, Chick Corea, +++

3 boxes est 210+ records for only $90!!!

Stack FOUR - 8 Track tapes Pop rock Country - $40

Mostly 60s 70s pop, rock and country, including jim croce, CCR, Roy Orbison, ELO, Max Webster, The Guess Who, Frampton etc

3 boxes filled with about 180+ 8 track tapes, 1960s to early 1970s music!

$40 takes all the 8-track tapes!!!

Stack FIVE - Pop Rock Country Folk +++ Vinyl Records $70

Incl Men Without Hats, Madonna, Peter Gabriel, 10cc, Gordon Lightfoot, Steely Dan, Cheech & Chong, Toronto, Pat Benatar, Level 42, David Bowie+++

4 boxes est 190+ records only $70

Stack SIX - 45rpm records Rock Pop Country +++ $80

550+ 45 rpm singles for just $80; barely checked, finds are possible!!!

GREAT for jukebox owner; one smaller box plus one giant box of singles only $80

Stack SEVEN - BULK 45rpm vinyl records Pop Rock Country ++ $90

est 750+ 45s, with about 400+ sleeveless, incl most unchecked, finds possible

Buy 2 or 3 stacks save $5 per stack; 4 or more stacks save $10 per.

Please email Joe (yuya Joe at yahoo dot ca) to arrange convenient pickup, at Bayview Ave / Romfield, north of John, south of 7!

DOA's Canadian Tour hits BC, AB, ON, PQ, SK, MB

DOA circa 1979 / 1980: Front cover of World War 3 B/W Whatcha Gonna Do? L to R, Randy Rampage, Chuck Biscuits, Joey Shithead Keithley. Guitarist Dave Gregg joined shortly after this single was released, in time for the 1980 "Dawn of a New Error" North American Tour.

DOA lineup in the 21st Century!

Here are the upcoming Canadian Tour Dates on the killa Talk Minus action Equals Zero Tour, courtesy of Joey Keithley's music label site www.SuddenDeath.com:

D.O.A.Aug. 27thKamloops, BCPogue Mahone
D.O.A.Sept. 15thInnisfail, ABThe Zoo
D.O.A.Sept. 16thCalgary, ABThe Republik
D.O.A.Sept. 17thEdmonton, ABNew City
D.O.A.Sept. 18thCanmore, ABCanmore Hotel
D.O.A.Sept. 24thVictoria, BCRehab Nightclub (Formerly Evolution Nightclub),
Rifflandia Festival

D.O.A.Oct. 1stVancouver, BCThe Biltmore
D.O.A.Oct. 5thLondon, ONCall the Office
D.O.A.Oct. 6thWaterloo, ONThe Chainsaw
D.O.A.Oct. 7thHamilton, ONThe Casbah
D.O.A.Oct. 8thToronto, ONThe Horseshoe
D.O.A.Oct. 9thOttawa, ONMaverick's
D.O.A.Oct. 10thMontreal, PQCafe Chaos
D.O.A.Oct. 11thKingston, ONThe Mansion
D.O.A.Oct. 13thSaskatoon, SKAmigo's
D.O.A.Oct. 14thRegina, SKThe Distrikt
D.O.A.Oct. 15thWinnipeg, MBThe Zoo
D.O.A.Oct. 16thWinnipeg, MBThe Zoo

For those who have yet to be blessed with the blunt force and vivid sonic arsenal of a live DOA show, get yer pelvic affiliate and put yer boots on and head down to the old corral; Gunsmoke shall be arising as the amps ready to fire.

"We're DOA!"

Joey performs with DOA at the Vancouver Peace March

Green Energy Investing News; HOT Clean Power Stocks

I got some good news today in that I am now writing for Examiner.com, as their Toronto Alternative Energy Examiner. It should be fun!!!

Here are some stories from recent days in the news, featuring alternative energy projects and clean power companies:

Renewable Power Investing links:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

China attempting rapid growth path to sustainability

The Toronto Star today features an article by David Olive explaining how China is hoping to convert to sustainability without giving up on steady growth. I'll post that link when it's available

Yesterday, Olive wrote about China's unfinished economic revolution, so here's an excerpt:

This week’s revelation that China has overtaken Japan as the world’s second-largest economy was anti-climatic. With China growing at about 10 per cent a year for the past 30 years or so, and Japan entering its third decade of stagnant growth, the change in status quo has been long expected.

Still, the milestone sparked predictable hand-wringing in many quarters. Will it be 20 or just 10 years before the Middle Kingdom also surpasses the U.S. in size? Will Beijing eclipse Washington as the corporate colonizer of Latin America, the Middle East, Indonesia and other less-developed nations?

“While the 19th was the European century and the 20th the American century, the world seems to have entered what may become known as the Chinese era,” says Jean-Pierre Lehmann, professor of international political economy at IMD, the distinguished Swiss business school.

But one has to be careful in forecasting superpower status. In the 19th century, it seemed that Russia, Brazil and Argentina were poised for economic greatness. Impressed with Canada’s rapid growth that century, Benjamin Disraeli predicted Canada’s emergence as “the new Russia.”

China itself was once by far the world’s biggest economy. As late as 1820, it accounted for one-third of global GDP. But from the 1840s until a few years after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, China languished for some 130 years as the world’s largest irrelevant nation. It was hobbled by bureaucratic corruption and routinely savaged by marauding outsiders, the Opium Wars being only the best-known example to Westerners.

There’s no question that China’s second blossoming is vastly different. Its liberalizing economic reforms of 1979 unleashed an industrial revolution of unprecedented speed and global impact.

China today is the Western world’s workshop. Low-cost Chinese goods on sale at Wal-Mart have kept inflation in check and lowered the cost of living from Mississauga to Manchester.

China this year became the world’s biggest exporter, overtaking Germany; and the world’s biggest consumer of energy, displacing the U.S. China is now the world’s largest car maker, turning out more vehicles than the U.S. and Japan combined.

But the question isn’t whether this spectacular growth is sustainable. It isn’t. Trees don’t grow to the sky, and economies don’t grow at 10 per cent a year indefinitely.

Full article on China's economic growth strategy online

Best China and USA solar power stocks

With Coal, Nuclear and Hydro ALL fading Toronto's new mayor needs energy

As the world shifts from dirty centralized power to clean, renewable decentralized energy, Ontario will be phasing out coal-powered electricity plants and decommissioning aged nuclear power generating stations. There are no plans to replace these with large new stations, and this means Toronto will have to provide much of its own power, and the GTA in general must pursue energy self-sufficiency.

THIS issue is too important to be left to provincial and federal minds. Toronto must reduce the load via energy efficiency, retrofitting and geothermal technology, and invest in new solar, wind and biomass / biogas energy. York Region and especially Durham Region can provide significant amounts of green electricity for Toronto, yet as much or more will have to come from within the GTA.

Peace 2 All,


Online Museum of Canadian Music an inspirational joy

I grew up in an era where independent Canadian music took a cue from punks and folkies and DIY exploded in the late 70s and early 80s. Nobody had to wait to get signed...

In Vancouver (with Joey Power and The Reactors), I was fortunate to open for acts like The Subhumans, The Modernettes and The Young Canadians (initially called the K-Tels) and also got to see DOA a bunch of times in 1978 and 1979, and became friends with Joey, Randy, Chuck and their manager, Ken Lester. These friendships would prove invaluable when we were launching Joe College and The Rulers in 1980 in Toronto.

This new Museum of Canadian Music truly honours those foundational years and offers up pioneering acts from Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario and across this great land. Best of all, 90% of the proceeds from music sales go to the artists!!!

Geothermal Power, the ultimate energy conservation technology

There are many common folk and some scientists that believe that green energy can't handle all our power needs, mostly because most clean power technologies can't be scaled up to mega generating stations.

First, renewable power and decentralized energy go hand in hand, and Greens consider the purification and decentralization of the global power supply to be mutually worthy goals. In Canada, geothermal power electricity generation stations are only feasible in the West (BC, Alberta, Northwest Territories), yet the rest of Canada can benefit significantly from passive geothermal for heating and air conditioning.

Here are more green energy links, where yu can find green mutual funds and alternative energy stocks you can invest in with a clear conscience:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Grand Falls NB vs Orillia ON; Picturesque THROWDOWN!

My mom's family (McCooey) is from Grand Falls, New Brunswick, and She now lives in Orillia. On a visit to Grand falls this summer, it struck me how Orillia's downtown looks so much like that of Grand Falls, which must be tremendously comforting to my mother.

I was hoping to find a lot of photographic evidence of this online, and here's my initial findings.

Downtown Photos of Orillia, Ontario

Downtown Photographs of Grand Falls, New Brunswick

On first glance it looks like Orillia has a lot more trees, however when I can get some more photos, the parkettes in Grand Falls median will offset that.

Lakeside Communities commutable to Toronto

My mother retired in Orillia over 2 decades ago and the city has been really kind to her. It's nestled wonderfully between Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe, with miles and miles of waterfront beauty.

Most of my relatives are originally from PEI and New Brunswick, and many live in the Burlington Hamilton region, with Branford being a fave locale. This means that Lake Erie is a prime cottage area, and it has been since I was a kid. My cousin Brian and his wife just bought a Lake Erie cottage in Featherstone, not far from Peacock Point.

This got me thinking; Which lake communities within an hour or so of Toronto are the best? There are little lakes very close (Musselmans, Wilcox, Bond, Preston, Chalk etc), but properties rarely change hands on these, and prices are often high.

The choice seems to be among:

Killarney Bay of Lake Simcoe, north of Newmarket

Lake Scugog, east of Uxbridge, north of Whitby

Anybody know any other cool lake areas not far from the Big Smoke? I'd say there are dozens within 2 hours and hundreds within 3 hours, but let's keep the search down to 90 minutes or so. Sutton / Pefferlaw would be about the northern limit, with perhaps Orr Lake and the Midland, Wasaga and Collingwood areas being the northwest limit, and Lake Scugog / Port Perry area being the northeastern limit.

Any towns on these lakes or nearby to them we should know about?

Peace 2 All,


La Heavana Musica, original Canadian writing

Here is an excerpt from my 2nd book, La Heavana Musica:

As Jah Saints Go Marching into La Heavana Musica, think beyond the names found herein; reminisce about their sidemen and Musical Brethren, their sisters and wives, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons and grandchildren and cousins, their friends and mentors and students. Think too of their colleagues, for even in the Book of Music it is not possible to include all worthy Musicians and their true supporters, for they are numerous and One is being born just now. Robert Nesta Marley, Robert Allan Zimmerman, John Winston Lennon; These Three are very special to I. The rest will be in no particular order, for music is not a sport, and every Soul ranks Her favourites in a different manner.

Gong, Zimm, Lennon, Mitchell, Lydon, Cohen, Salome Bey, Dennis Brown, CCR, Joan Baez, Jefferson Airplane, The Brothers Four, Woody Guthrie, Blowin’ in the Wind, Buffy Saint-Marie, Big Youth, Simon and Garfunkel, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Mathers, Rimbaud, Gregory Isaacs, Allen Ginsberg, The Last Poets, Glen Campbell, Gil Scott-Heron, Bruce Springsteen, Lillian Allen, The Jungle Brothers, Phil Ochs, Irish Rovers, Don Messer, Everly Brothers, Elvis, Beatles, Stones, Pistols, Cockburn, Dylan, Marley.

Seed the planet with wisdom, Jah Good Children of Light. If you find someone You Love in Jahsheba Zion, La Heavana Musica, let that be Your Key and a guide upon Your route to Harmony. Cherish the Love, let the Light pour in, and Give Thanks and Praises to the LORD. Listen to a tale of Yuya, known to many as Joseph or Jahseph, and Tuya, the Biblical Asenath, often called herein Isheba or version. These Two are among the main progenitors of the Wisdom and Light of the First Testament. It was God who drove out the enemy force in the Holy City. Jah gave Us the Word to Sanctify and preserve, and provided Us with His Covenant for the Day of Eternal Peace.

Do You Wanna Know A Secret?

Alrighty mates, here it is: I've a new band in the offing, but not a band in the traditional sense, more a group, in that this is a collaboration of songwriters. Not to jinx it, can't post much if anything yet, however I'll be shouting the news from the rooftops if this new group comes together!

Peace 2 All,

Yuya Joe College


Lyrics by Yuya Joseph and Trevor Jones,

Music by Yuya Jospeh, Trevor Jones, Michael St. Clair
(c) RADM Music

Yuya Elijah calling Ethiopia
India, Canada, Jamaica, America
One people plant be rockin’ tonight
Celebrating love humanity and Light

Nyabinghi Nyabinghi
Nyabinghi Nyabinghi Nyabinghi Nyabinghi
Rasta no go away Rasta hangin’ in steady
Nyabinghi Nyabinghi Nyabinghi Nyabinghi
Rasta never go away Rasta hangin’ in steady

Steady now, steady now

Time will bring many changes
Some will be right some will be wrong
Time will change many faces
Show I the weak show I the wrong

Are U ready?
Are U ready are U ready?
Are U ready are U ready are U ready are U ready
Natty no go away Natty hangin’ in steady
Are U ready are U ready are U ready are U ready
Natty never go away Natty hangin’ in steady

Steady now, steady now …

Man ask I, man ask I
Walkin up the street said a man ask I
Who is the heaviest man in this town?
I say everybody heavy, some a dem steady
If U want 2 go 2 Zion
U better be ready now!

Ready now, ready now …

Feel Jah Irie vibration
Sounds I love fe hear
Music of many nation
Love afar and near

Are U ready?
Are U ready are U ready?
Are U ready are U ready are U ready are U ready
Natty no go away Natty hangin’ in steady
Are U ready are U ready are U ready are U ready
Natty never go away Natty hangin’ in steady

Nyabinghi Nyabinghi Nyabinghi Nyabinghi
Rasta no go away Rasta hangin’ in steady
Nyabinghi Nyabinghi Nyabinghi Nyabinghi
Rasta never go away Rasta hangin’ in steady

Aristobulus Loves Salome, by Yuya Joe College

Here is an excerpt from my 3rd book, Aristobulus Loves Salome:

Although there was one particularly rough patch during Ari’s late teens, Mariamne IV was not the first queen (nor the last) to have major problems with the royal men in her life. The sometimes heartless, sometimes shoddy treatment of his mother, the Woman by the Well, was likely a factor in Ari Jesh’s own fervent commitment to the sanctity of marriage, and also to his overwhelming devotion to Salome and their children. He knew of the sacrifices women had to make in their lives, and his mom and his wife were each examples, for Salome had been forced to marry while still young, for the “good of the people,” and his mom had been divorced against her wishes, more than once. He believed deeply in the equality of all human beings, and the strong men and women who formed him in his childhood and adolescence became the builders of a great and growing nation.

Salome was also exceedingly popular, for everyone who knew her loved her, and when some called her Salome Mariamne, it wasn’t always just a reference to her own heritage, for the holy mantle came from her mother-in-law also. They were both ladies of the highest stature, Carriers of the Covenant, and the Virgin Mother Maryam role was later for Salome of the Tower to shoulder almost entirely on her own, and the Beloved One would prove to do a miraculous job.

These were the most difficult years in Jeshua’s life. In his early to mid-teens, the separation from his mother and younger siblings was excruciatingly painful, while in his later teens the expectations of some in Galilee and Jerusalem were hugely unreachable. People were anticipating Jesh would unite all Jews and overthrow the Romans, but he was more concerned with uniting Jews and Romans, and indeed all humanity. Purists questioned his pedigree, radicals challenged his passion, his family was concerned about some of the company he was keeping, and authorities were always quick to enquire what the large gatherings were about. Couple this social pressure with his deep disappointment in Salome’s betrothal to Philip Jahn, and you can see how the emotions would build.

Upcoming Shows at Casino Rama - Autumn 2010

I have been to a number of inspiring shows at Casino Rama, including both music and comedy. Here are some exciting acts coming to Casino Rama near Orillia Ontario the rest of the Summer and through this Autumn:

Saturday September 11 - Billy Idol

Saturday October 9 - Cheech and Chong

Thursday October 21 - America 40th Anniversay Tour

Saturday October 23 - Loverboy

Friday October 29 - Brad Garrett

Fri / Sat Nov 12, 13 - Roger Hodgson

Fri ' Sat - November 19, 20 - BB King

Ready to Start lyrics, by Arcade Fire

Montreal band Arcade Fire has topped themselves with their latest hit Ready To Start. Here are the lyrics and guitar chords for a kickass campfire version:

Ready to Start, by Arcade Fire

Artists: Arcade Fire Song: Ready To Start Album: The Suburbs  
Capo 2  Intro: B5  C G Em Am x2
  C                          G D/F# 
Businessmen drink my blood
          Em                                 Am 
Like the kids in art school said they would
       C                            G D/F# 
And I guess I'll just begin again
 Em                              Am 
You say can we still be friends  
Chorus: C          D         C/B   
If I was scared, I would
 C              D      G        D/F#   
And if I was bored, you know I would
 C              D                  Em   D   
And if I was yours, but I'm not

   C                               G D/F# 
All the kids have always known
          Em                        Am 
That the emperor wears new clothes
        C                          G D/F# 
But to bow to down to them anyway
    Em                      Am 
Is better than to be alone   

  C                               G D/F# 
Now you're knocking at my door
        Em                                Am 
Saying please come out against the night
     C                        G D/F# 
But I would rather be alone
 Em                          Am 
Than pretend I feel alright         
C                           G D/F# 
If the businessmen drink my blood          
Em                                 Am 
Like the kids in art school said they would
        C                           G D/F# 
Then I guess I'll just begin again
 Em                              Am 
You say can we still be friends  
 C          D        C/B   
If I was scared, I would
 C              D     G        D/F#   
And if I was pure, you know I would
 C              D                  Em   
And if I was yours, but I'm not
 D/F#             C 
Now I'm ready to start
  C          D   
If I was scared, I would
 C              D     G        D/F#   
And if I was pure, you know I would
 C              D                  Em   
And if I was yours, but I'm not
 D/F#             C     Em 
Now I'm ready to start
  D/F#             C     Em 
Now I'm ready to start
 D/F#              C     Em 
I would rather be wrong
      D/F#                   C 
Than live in the shadows of your song
My mind is open wide
     D/F#             C     Em  
And now I'm ready to start
     D/F#             C 
And now I'm ready to start
My mind is open wide
     D/F#             C 
And now I'm ready to start
Your mind surely opened the door
    D/F#              C    Em 
To step out into the dark
Now I'm ready

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