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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DOA poster from 2006 in Newmarket ON; w/Sudden Impact, Overdose++

Scott (former member of Overdose, Newmarket punk rock band) sent in this cool DOA poster from a few years back, and the poster mentions some other bangin' slammin' local bands such as Sudden Impact, Dirty Bird, The STDs etc and of course Scott's band at the time, Overdose.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DOA gives props to Green Day, +Ontario tour dates

In an interview with Francois Marchand of the Vancouver Sun on September 15th, Joey "Shithead" Keithley had this to say about the many bands who have turned punk rock into big dollars:

"The guys I do admire are the Green Day guys, because they managed to make it as an arena-sized band and they actually have something to say, unlike 99.9 per cent of the other stadium bands," he says. "But there's a bunch of others out there, not to name names, that are drawing pretty good and kinda look punk and kinda sound punk because they have a loud, aggressive guitar sound and the guy is screaming like Kurt Cobain, but it's vacuous. You can dress it up like punk rock and make it sound like punk rock, but when you lose that thing about fighting authority and thinking for yourself, it's not punk rock."

Vancouver Sun September 2010 article on punk rock legends DOA

2010 Ontario Tour Dates for DOA

D.O.A. Oct. 1st Vancouver, BC The Biltmore

D.O.A. Oct. 4th Windsor, ON The Loop

D.O.A. Oct. 5th London, ON Call the Office

D.O.A. Oct. 6th Waterloo, ON The Chainsaw

D.O.A. Oct. 7th Hamilton, ON The Casbah

D.O.A. Oct. 8th Toronto, ON The Horseshoe

D.O.A. Oct. 9th Ottawa, ON Maverick's

D.O.A. Oct. 10th Montreal, PQ Cafe Chaos

D.O.A. Oct. 11th Kingston, ON The Mansion

D.O.A. Oct. 12th Thunder Bay, ON Kilroy's

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tactile healing sensations of pen writing on paper...

Written last night:

It's 1:52 am, and to avoid the terrors I again take the pen in hand. Perhaps in a different life this would be a blog post, and it may itself be at least part of one someday, yet that's not what I mean.

The healing phenomena I refer to involves the tactile sensation of pressing pen to paper, and the wholly personal nature of the output. With blogging there can be poster's remorse, and anxiety over spelling, punctuation, accuracy, html code and more.

Writing on paper is beautiful. Keep some near your bed, and at least three pens.

To the Fifteen Billionth Human Soul

To the fifteen billionth:

If the Just Society is not fully evident, seek it and strive for it. If our machinery is not yet as green and as self-healing as the forested jungle, greenify and evolve it.

If you are female, see that the architecture reflects your adaptive fluidity. If you are male, see that nobility remains pursued, and that honour goes to the good and just.

Preserve biodiversity; feed, heal and educate. If Gaia is in the caterpillar stage, U B the butterfly.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rock Band Names: Meaning of 10cc (I'm Not In Love)

Rock joke I made up:

Q: What is the meaning of "10cc" in the rock band's name?

A: It is the amount of Pearl Jam that comes out of Finger Eleven, on average.

Anybody have any more stories about origins of band names??

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Joe College and The Rulers; Cabana Room, Toronto 1980

At first I wasn't sure if these 2 photos were from the Turning Point or the Cabana Room, yet by the looks of the small stage, I'd guess the latter. In either case it was a July 1980 show opening for DOA; anybody recognize the decor??

Left to Right: Menachem Begin (Russ Bethune), Mad Drummer (Ken Braun), Joe College, and Rob Dekay - Joe College and The Rulers, Toronto punk scene 1980

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DOA at Deep Wave Festival, Summer of 1980

Many thanks to photographer / guitarist Dean Kelly for emailing over some killa pix of DOA at the Deep Wave Festival in Bingeman Park, Kitchener. Aaaaaahhhhh, the memories of that day...

Dave Gregg, Randy Rampage, Chuck Biscuits and Joey Shithead - DOA 1980

Fans of Toronto's Modern Rock radio station The Edge (CFNY-FM) may want to note the banner above (and fully displayed in the randy Rampage shot 2 pics below). CFNY was a powerful force for new music and their slogan The Spirit of Radio became the inspiration for the Rush song of the same name. I remember driving out to the CFNY yellow farmhouse headquarters in Brampton, bring Joe Keithley for an interview with Tim Keele (Jeanie Bekker also interviewed Joe that summer, for Much Music and CHUM-FM).

If you remember CFNY and all the great and inspiring bands of those days, check out the EDGE / CFNY history website SpiritOfRadio.ca!

A month and a half after the Teenage Head riot at Ontario Place on June 2, 1980, and two weeks before we (Joe College and The Rulers) opened for Teenage Head and DOA at Deep Wave, we played Nathan Philips Square (Toronto City Hall) on June 19, 1980, with DOA, The Viletones and the Forgotten Rebels. Here's a scene from the fountain pool that day (photo by Valerie, sent in by Steve):

Here's the button for the event, and if I remember correctly, it was created by my friend Peter Leuthard, promoter of the Deep Wave Festival (I believe we carried forth the motif from the original Vancouver RAR protest show):

Anybody else have any photos from RAR or Deep Wave they can share? If so, please email to yuyajoe at yahoo dot ca.

Peace 2 All,

Yuya Joe College

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