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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Canada: Growing opposition to draconian anti-pot bill

The anachronistic and vindictive proposed anti-cannabis legislation being promoted by the PCs is generating opposition from than more just pot smokers, as both the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Canadian Bar Association have come out in opposition to this expensive and backward-looking set of laws.

From the Canadian Bar Association:

“The CBA believes that the bill will make already serious criminal justice system problems much worse, with huge resource implications,” likely referring to backed-up courts and overcrowding in BC and other jails that will only get worse if the Harper Government is intent on jailing tens of thousands more Canadian gardeners.

From the Canadian Civil Liberties Association:

“This is a flawed approach to drug offences. Mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes have not worked elsewhere, and there is no reason to believe that they will work in Canada.”

Instead of trying to make pot smoking and growing a more serious offence than rape (both minimum and maximum sentences are longer!), why not look at the financial violence caused by perpetrators of white collar crime, and increase penalties for those offences?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

John Lennon's testimony at Canada's Ledain Commission

For those unaware of the importance of the LeDain Commission, this panel of experts advised decriminalization of cannabis in 1972, after three years of hearings and studies. While researching certain aspects of the Commission this evening, I was pleased to come across the testimony of John Lennon at Canada's LeDain Commission into the Non-medical Use of Drugs.

Here below are some poignant excerpts; please enjoy and and share John's inspiration and wisdom.

John Lennon speaking to LeDain Commission in Canada

One thing that can be said about marijuana is that it's non-violent, and if any government wanted to use it to calm the people, they have got the ultimate weapon, and there wouldn't be any Saturday night crowds and Saturday night football fights.

Marijuana was the main thing that promoted non-violence amongst the youth, because as soon as they have it, they -- first of all you have to laugh on your first experiences. It's a community thing, and nothing would ever stop it, nothing on earth is going to stop it, and the only thing to do is to find out how to use it for good, for the best.

When we stick posters 'round saying "War is Over if You Want it", what we're trying to promote is an awareness in people of how much power they do have, and not to rely on government, or leader, or teacher so much that they're all passive or automatons, and that initial after effect of the drug scene has to be regenerated.

They have to have new hope, but everybody's looking for goals and answers, and youth especially, and what we're trying to tell them is "You are the goal!"

Nobody on earth can do it for you. Whatever you want, you must do it yourself.

Full testimony of John Lennon at Canada's LeDain Commission into the Non-medical Use of Drugs

While I am pleased to be able to read John's testimony, the fact that all of Yoko Ono's words are blacked out (as she is living) means that some of Lennon's remarks cannot be fully understood in their naked context, as Yoko has so often provided wonderful counterpoints, demonstrating their insightful rapport. The big black sections are a mystery to be solved far in the future...

Calling the NDP, Canadian activists and students; FIGHT the new pot law!!!

Backward, expensive legislation first test for NDP's effectiveness

Canadian PM Harper proposes draconian changes

About four decades ago Canada decided to invest in criminal rehabilitation, and the result has been declining crime rates since 1973, to the point where our streets are safer than they have been in more than a generation. The Canadian Government is trying to take a "tough on crime" stance, yet their 19th century attitudes towards crime and punishment are not worthy of an advanced civil society such as we are.

Despite being warned by many judges that Canada's cannabis laws are unconstitutional and unenforceable, the right wing Conservative Party currently in power proposes making recreational pot growing a major crime.

Conservatives think growing herb is worse than raping children

Incredible though it may seem in this age of respect for children and tolerance of other cultures, the Canadian Government is proposing making 14 years the penalty for cannabis agriculture, versus 10 years for violently violating another human being. The minimum mandatory prison sentences for herbal gardeners are also more severe than those facing rapists.

Finally, the grandmother with 7 plants in her backyard is treated the same as a farmer with 190 plants on a half-acre of land. If they were both being treated well and fairly I would not mind this asymmetric aspect, however if the goal is to "punish the dealers" then this legislation is pure insanity.

British Columbia cannot afford putting more gardeners in overcrowded BC prisons, and Health Canada has been faced with severe cuts to medical marijuana research that were dictated by the Harper government.

NDP: You are Canada's Official Opposition, so please do something to help Canada's 4 million herb smokers, thanks kindly.

Students: Organize your friends to attend rallies and protests against this costly, unjust and vindictive law. Join the NDP or the Green Party and bring up the issue at meetings.

Activists: THIS is the battle you have been waiting for, and remember that civil disobedience and non-violence are interlinked and are keys to building a progressive, secular, civil and honest society. Organize ultra-smart, illustrative demos, rallies and statements, and you will earn the respect of Canadians and accomplish something significant for Canada, and crucial even for the progress of the planet as a whole.

BBC: Women in Saudi Arabia to vote in 2015 municipal elections

Saudi Arabia is holding nationwide elections for its 285 municipal councils on Thursday. This is the only tier of government that is even partly elected, with half of the seats chosen by male voters and the rest appointed by the King.

The 2011 elections are the focus of intense interest at home and abroad, largely because of unprecedented public protests in Saudi Arabia this year by pro-democracy campaigners, Shia Muslims and women demanding greater civil rights in emulation of the Arab Spring elsewhere.

King Abdullah's announcement this week that women will be able to vote in municipal elections in 2015 has also raised the profile of these polls, as well as the risk of public protests during the vote.

What happened in 2005?

The only nationwide polls so far in Saudi Arabia were the 2005 municipal elections. The results were surprising, in that they showed how campaigners got around the ban on political parties and electoral blocs.

They instead used internet forums and SMS text messages to promote their preferred candidates.

Liberal groups and Shia Muslims in the Eastern Province were active, but Sunni Muslim clergy and their supporters were most successful in securing victory for their conservative religious candidates.

They were helped by a low turnout - the councils wield little power - and by a system that allowed voters to choose candidates not only in their own ward but also elsewhere in the given municipality. This allowed Sunni campaigners to concentrate votes in key wards, which they used in particular to mobilise supporters against Shia candidates in the Eastern Province.

How did the authorities react?

Some Saudi political analysts thought the authorities had tolerated the unusual level of political activism by Sunni clerics because it produced councils broadly supportive of the government.

A new municipal election law was quickly drafted that banned multiple voting and granted the councils more power. Although they cannot initiate any measures, they have the right to approve decisions by appointed mayors and other local officials.

Most significantly, the government postponed the next round of municipal elections due in 2009 for "re-evaluation". Earlier this year it suddenly announced that the elections would be held in September, possibly with an eye to calming public protests.

What sort of campaigning is allowed?

Candidates are allowed to buy advertising space in local newspapers, pay for billboards and organise hustings, but "vote-buying" through lavish spending on hospitality faces a spending cap.

The expansion of social media since 2005 has seen much of the election campaign move online, with candidates using Facebook, Twitter and SMS messages openly. The authorities have tolerated this, probably because there has been no sign of overt politics, sectarian campaigning or electoral alliances.

Who can vote and stand in the elections?

The electoral law says that "all citizens" can vote. In practice, however, only adult male Saudi citizens can do so, as the government has said it either cannot organise segregated voting procedures for women, or simply that female suffrage is counter to "social customs".

About 1.2 million Saudi men have registered to vote. Many local analysts expect a higher turnout at these elections than in 2005, as does National Electoral Commission Chairman Abdel-Rahman al-Dahmash.

Only men are allowed to stand in the elections, and more than 5,000 candidates have registered.

What about women, can they run in the 2011 election?

Although the campaign to allow women to drive has had the higher public profile abroad, women activists have also been demanding the right to vote in this year's municipal elections.

The Saudi women's pressure group Baladi (My Country), which has a substantial Facebook following, has been calling on women to try to register for the vote since April and to turn up at polling stations on election day.

Moreover, over 60 leading Saudi public figures have called on voters to boycott the elections over the ban on women voting.

King Saud University historian Hatoon al-Fassi, a prominent campaigner for human rights associated with Baladi, has threatened to organise parallel voting for "women's municipal councils", and Electoral Commission Chairman Al-Dahmash has acknowledged that there is no law to prohibit this.

There have been reports in the Gulf media of considerable public support for votes for women, especially after a local newspaper published photographs of women queuing to register to vote in the spring.

The country's wholly-appointed Consultative Council formally backed giving women the right to vote in the municipal elections earlier this year, but made the recommendation after registration for this round of voting had already closed.

King Abdullah was officially responding to the Council's advice when he approved votes for women next time.

Could there be trouble on 2011 polling day?

There can be little doubt that women activists will try to vote at polling stations. The police have treated such protests leniently so far, in line with an apparent policy to calm public anger since the summer.

Protests by Shias are possible, and would be treated more harshly if the experience of recent months is any indicator.

What impact will the elections have?

The Sunni religious bloc of candidates will try to repeat their success in mobilising voters, and other blocs - in particular liberals and Shias - will try to emulate them. An expected higher turnout could bring a more diverse set of councillors and with it pressure for change.

A perceived win for pro-government Sunni conservatives could prompt more protests, especially as the concession to women voters in 2015 has shown that the authorities can be pushed into limited change.

Pressure on the government to introduce further reforms is therefore likely to grow whatever the result. The question is whether either campaigners or the government response might turn violent.

Source: BBC Monitoring

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ahmadinejad or Berlusconi; Who is the Biggest ASS?

The Jerk versus The Knight for Supreme Asshole designation

It's a tough call:

Ahmadinejad, The Jerk, spits some powerful history lessons regarding colonialism and slavery, then fucks it all up with his Holocaust and 9/11 conspiracy theories. Denying the Holocaust and the reality of 9/11 is a way of saying Hitler wasn't that bad, and Bin Laden not so accomplished, and both are delusional or disingenuous positions.

I can't stand this guy however considering that he's caught between the Mullahs and the Man on the Street, you do have to admire his plucky resilience.

Berlusconi, The Knight, appears to be spiraling out of control. Sure Italy is the capital of the Sacred and the Profane, but SB takes the latter too far for public consumption. His objectification of women is not appropriate for a national leader of a developed country, and must be increasingly embarrassing to Italians, particularly women.

I'm sure most guys are a bit jealous of his orgies and young sex partners however he is not a rock star, but the leader of an important nation.

Readers are invited to comment below on which of these two they feel is the BIGGEST ASSHOLE, and feel free to offer additional suggestions!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Canadian MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan in cleavage controversy

The Daily Beast is running a story showing After and Before pics of Rathika Sitsabaiesan's parliamentary headshot, with the premise that either her party of the Canadian parliament photoshopped her cleavage line right out of the photo.

Rathika is one of many young MPs elected during the NDP's recent rise to Official Opposition status, and Scarborough and the GTA expect big things from her. She's gorgeous in both pics so who cares about the cleavage; she's also one smart cookie!!!

Website proposing merger of NDP and Green Party of Canada

Monday, September 19, 2011

Colbert Report to go an hour with Radiohead!!!

Will Stephen sing with Thom Yorke and the Radiohead lads?

For the first time ever, Colbert-heads will get Stephen for an hour next Monday, and if you're a modern music fan, you'll be pleased to know the reason for the double-up is the guest will be UK rock band Radiohead, known for classic tunes like "Creep", "Karma Police" and "High and Dry."

Colbert released a typically-cheeky statement regarding the politics of the United Kingdom music legends: "I look forward to meeting the Radioheads and leveraging their anti-corporate indie cred to raise brand awareness for my sponsors."

Next Monday night, September 26th, Radiohead is set to perform four songs on Colbert's show, including three from its most newest album, "The King of Limbs," plus the recently debuted and unreleased track, "The Daily Mail." An additional tune will also be performed for the online version of "The Colbert Report."

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Imagine: Emmanuelle Kelly 2011 X Factor audition

Former Iraqi orphan shines as new singing star

Australian Emmanuel Kelly was found in an orphanage in Iraq and brought with his brother to Australia for surgery. His new mom fell in love with him and his sibling and they were both adopted, but because he has no birth certificate, nobody is entirely certain of his age, though he believes he is 17.

Enjoy Emmanuelle's performance of the John Lennon classic Imagine by clicking the Play arrow button below left:

All the best to Emmanuelle in future rounds of X Factor and in life, you've got some truly special vibes. Keep inspiring the people, continue to choose meaningful, universal songs, and your life and music will be forces for peace and goodness for decades to come.

Namaste, Shalom, Peace, Inshallah

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Support Palestine AND Israel; Rabbi Michael Lerner

This article appeared on HuffPost World today, and I believe it offers well-reasoned insight and so am sharing it with my wonderfully sexy and inspired readers!!!!

Be good!

Recognize Palestine and Reaffirm Israel As a Jewish State

by Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor, Tikkun Magazine

American diplomats acknowledge that they do not have the votes to prevent the General Assembly of the United Nations from recognizing Palestine and granting it some of the rights of member states. The U.S. can block full membership only by exercising its veto in the Security Council, an act likely to intensify hatred of the U.S. in many countries around the world.

A far wiser strategy is for the U.S. to introduce a resolution to the Security Council providing full membership in the U.N. to Palestine while simultaneously reaffirming Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. Both sides win.

The resolution should make clear that this recognition is contingent on both Palestine and Israel respecting the rights of all its citizens and offering them equal protection under the law, and not imposing any religious practices on any of its citizens.

The primary concern that Palestinians have voiced about calling Israel a Jewish state is the fear that this would a. validate the right of Israel to continue to discriminate against its Arab citizens in housing, employment, education and allocations to Israel's municipalities, and b. close the door to the Palestinian "right of return."

The primary concern that the U.S. has voiced about supporting Palestinian membership is that doing so might end any inclination by Palestinians to engage in negotiations with Israel.

The resolution that the U.S. should introduce could deal with these concerns, using the following formulations:

We call upon both Israel and Palestine to give equal rights in protection, employment, voting, housing, education, health, and all other government-supported activities and programs to all their minority citizens.
We call upon Israel and Palestine to negotiate (in a spirit of open-heartedness, generosity and understanding that both sides' well-being is intrinsically tied to the well-being of the other side and the other side's perception that it is being dealt with respectfully and justly) a lasting peace, to affirm each other's right to exist, and, to make territorial swaps of equivalent territory and strategic and economic value -- based on the pre-1967 border of Israel, as part of creating borders agreed upon by both sides.

Once an agreement has been reached between Israel and Palestine, we call upon all other states in the region to recognize and create warm relationships with Israel and Palestine and to take necessary steps toward the creation of a Middle East common market.

Nothing in this resolution is meant to determine the detailed outcome of those negotiations or to take a stand beyond previous U.N. resolutions on how to best deal with the legitimate security needs of Israel or the best way to end the suffering of Palestinian refugees.

Israel was the first affirmative action state, recognized by the United Nations primarily out of a global recognition that the Jewish people had faced extraordinary persecution through much of the past two thousand years, culminating in the Holocaust. Its policy of giving a special right of return and special rights to immigrant housing is a legitimate response to the vulnerability the Jewish people continue to face in light of continuing hatred of Jews based on prejudicial views of who Jews are and what we stand for.

But that affirmative action should not extend to treating Palestinian citizens of Israel in discriminatory ways in any other respect except immigration. Israel can continue to privilege Jewish culture and history, while encouraging its citizens to also learn Arabic and supporting its Muslim and Christian minorities to celebrate their own holidays and teaching their cultures in Israeli schools, as well.

Similarly, the Palestinian state that is now emerging should be recognized as an affirmation action state, recognized by the United Nations before it has control over any territory of its own as a way to alleviate the special suffering of the Palestinian people. It should have a special right of return and special rights to immigrant housing for Palestinians living anywhere in the world in light of the suffering that Palestinian refugees have faced under occupation by Israel and in Arab countries which have often treated Palestinians in harsh and discriminatory ways.

Why not turn this moment into a victory for both the Israeli and Palestinian people, and one in which the U.S. emerges as a hero rather than a villain?

Rabbi Michael Lerner is editor of Tikkun Magazine and author of the forthcoming book, Embracing Israel/Palestine: A Strategy for Peace in the Middle East (North Atlantic Books, November 2011).

Follow Rabbi Michael Lerner on Twitter: www.twitter.com/rabbilerner

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Sage Onna Stage (original Canadian poetry)

Joe College and The Rulers, L to R: Menachem Begin (R. Bethune), Mad Drummer (K. Braun), Joe College, Rob DeKay

A Sage Onna Stage

I killed Joe College
It was either him or me
He drank a lot and showed his anger
I was trying to find my way

When I was young
We turned it up loud
Hung on every word and every chord
From Dylan to The Clash

JC was too 2d
Too constricted
Itiopia was an African horizon
A New Flower in the night

Jah Lifeguard came a calling
Before Yuya took the stage
Hard to believe I'm fifty-three now
Soon they'll be calling me a sage!

Yuya Joe College
September 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gonna make a few things happen

I waited over 25 years to put those panels on St. John's
Didn't want obsolete technology detracting from the power of the sun

I'm gonna make a few things happen, write a book, get to Europe
Maybe take a train to Vancouver
Or pile the fam in the van and drive

Do you think I should get a passport?
I am truly loving that Canada is vast
I have travelled through nine provinces
Giving Newfoundlanders time to prep for for me

When short of breath I blame myself
I worry about you and how you'll do
One day one of us will be gone
I know we'd both go crazy
Yet we have to carry on
Love up the grandchildren
Treasure each living moment
I wanna put some panels on the church I grew up in
I'm gonna make a few things happen

Yuya Joe College
September 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Global campaign for “Palestine, State 194”

If ever a country could be created by providing a people with statehood on their own land, Palestine is among the most obvious candidates in this second decade of the 21st Century. I would rank the Palestinian current worthiness for statehood behind that of Somaliland, the reasonably democratic and well-run former British colony in East Africa, but its cause is greater. Somaliland is already a virtual state, so there's less urgency there, though I do believe statehood is crucial as an example of the global community rewarding good governance in the region.

Nobody wants to create a new nation that seems dedicated to war and the destruction of its neighbour, so the coming weeks are a big test for Palestinian unity and progress. There is a terrifying old saying (Palestine never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity) that I hope and pray will become anachronistic.

I have many times proposed a new solar city in Palestine, south of Gaza near Rafah, and believe that nationhood would provide a major boost to the momentum of this project. If you are a green urban developer or environmental landscaper interested in learning more about the idea, please email me (yuyajoe at yahoo dot ca).

About five years or so ago I wrote about the desirability of an Asia West - Middle East Parliament for regional issues, and the Arab Spring combined with Palestinian nationhood may make this a reality even sooner than expected.

In October 2006 I posted the following:

The region has suffered from outside interference for so long that the idea of regional cooperation and empowerment is still met with some suspicion. There is the obvious Palestinian-Israeli battle, and the fault line within Islam, the Sunni-Shia divide. The idea that all these groups would converge in a parliament to settle differences through legislation may seem utopian but it is not. The need for representation and openness and justice are basic human wants, and being able to vote on who represents your country in an international forum provides both power and responsibility. Of course, in some countries candidate lists may at first be not be quite as representative as they should be, but over time those with fair elections prosper economically, so there is a built-in bias that will lure the best candidates.

To get the Asia West Parliament from vision to reality, it will first be necessary to have a long-term deal on a two-state solution, with massive international backing.

I am nervous about the next few weeks, yet hopeful that the world will at least begin this discussion, as statehood for Palestine seems more a question of when than if or why.

Recent news items concerning Palestine statehood:

from RT.com

Palestinians handed over a letter to the local UN mission in Ramallah, saying they start peaceful demonstrations, which are to continue until the autonomy becomes a member state in the UN’s vote on September 20.

The letter was submitted to UN chief Ban Ki-moon in a ceremony attended by a hundred of Palestinian officials and national activists. The Palestinians urge Ban Ki-moon to add his "moral voice in support of the Palestinian people," quotes the Guardian newspaper.

The Palestinian campaign, says the letter, will include a series of peaceful events "in various international cities and capitals" leading to the opening of the UN general assembly in September. The promotion has been dubbed as a national campaign for “Palestine, State 194.”

In a symbolic move, the person chosen to for the actual handover, was a 70-year-old Palestinian woman, a resident of a West Bank refugee camp, who has one son killed in clashes with Israel and seven others jailed in Israel over terrorism accusations.

This news comes a day after the US urged the Palestine Autonomy to abandon their UN move to be recognized in its pre-1967 lines. The plea was rejected by Palestinian leader, Mahmud Abbas.

Palestine is seeking to become the 194th UN member state in the borders of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem – so called 1967 borders. That year, Israel expanded to these territories in a six year war. Israel strongly objects returning to its 1967 maps.

from HuffPost:

"This move is not about delegitimizing Israel, which is making headlines all across the world," said Zahi Khoury, the C.E.O of the Palestinian National Beverage Company, which manufactures Coca-Cola in the West Bank. "It is about legitimizing the ability of Palestinians to live peacefully. It's not the last chance, but it's maybe our best chance."

For weeks now, the statehood vote, slated for Sept. 20, has been producing a mad scramble of last-minute diplomacy, even as most observers acknowledge the outcome of the vote is virtually assured.

Under just about any scenario, the Palestinian delegation will succeed in getting the general assembly to recognize an informal, "observer state" status for Palestine, experts say.

But with the United States -- in partnership with its close ally, Israel -- promising to veto any Security Council measures, proper statehood will elude Palestinians in the New York proceedings.

In a speech in May, Obama denounced the U.N. vote as a "symbolic action" that would set back the peace effort.




Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top 100 Modern Rock Songs of All-Time

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana each with 3 in Top 20

CFNY 102.1 The Edge Top New Rock Songs List

Red Hot Chili Peppers · Under The Bridge
Nirvana · Smells Like Teen Spirit
Soundgarden · Black Hole Sun
Nirvana · Come As You Are
Metallica · The Unforgiven
Foo Fighters · My Hero
Linkin Park · In The End
U2 · With Or Without You
The Tragically Hip · Ahead By A Century
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Dani California
Pearl Jam · Even Flow
House Of Pain · Jump Around
Metallica · Nothing Else Matters
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Otherside
Nirvana · All Apologies
The Tragically Hip · Bobcaygeon
The Smashing Pumpkins · 1979
Foo Fighters · Best Of You
Beck · Loser
U2 · Sunday Bloody Sunday
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Scar Tissue
Beastie Boys · Figth For Your Right
Metallica · Enter Sandman
The Tragically Hip · Courage
Blind Melon · No Rain
The Verve · Bittersweet Symphony
Our Lady Peace · Is Anybody Home?
Blur · Song 2
Billy Talent · Try Honesty
MGMT · Kids
The Tragically Hip · Poets
R.E.M · Losing My Religion
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Give It Away
Lenny Kravitz · American Woman
Foo Fighters · Everlong
Oasis · Wonderwall
Green Day · Brain Stew
The Tragically Hip · Blow At High Dough
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Can't Stop
Coldplay · Clocks
Linkin Park · Numb
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Californication
Nirvana · Rape Me
Incubus · Drive
Pearl Jam · Alive
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Soul To Squeeze
Nirvana · About A Girl
Foo Fighters · Learn To Fly
Oasis · Champagne Supernova
Arcade Fire · Rebellion (Lies)
Rage Against The Machine · Testify
Three Days Grace · I Hate Everything About You
The Offspring · Self Esteem
Our Lady Peace · Somewher Out There
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Around The World
The Tragically Hip · At The Hundredth Meridian
Green Day · Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
K-OS · Crabbuckit
Foo Fighters · All My Life
Billy Talent · Fallen Leaves
Rage Against The Machine · Killing In The Name Of
Finger Eleven · One Thing
Stone Temple Pilots · Creep
Our Lady Peace · Innocent
Green Day · Time Of Your Life
Arcade Fire · Neighbourhood #3
Radiohead · Karma Police
Sum 41 · In Too Deep
Nine Inch Nails · Closer
The Tragically Hip · Fifty-Mission cap
Sublime · Smoke Two Joints
Our Lady Peace · Superman's Dead
Foo Fighters · Times Like These
Billy Talent · Devil In A Midnight Mass
Pearl Jam · Jeremy
Three Days Grace · Just Like You
Coldplay · Viva La Vida
Bedouin Soundclash · When The Night Feels My Song
The Killers · Mr. Brightside
Sum 41 · Fat Lip
Silversun Pickups · Lazy Eye
Our Lady Peace · Life
Beastie Boys · Intergalactic
Metric · Gimme Sympathy
Everlast · What It's Like
Nickelback · How You Remind Me
Nirvana · The Mand Who Sold The World
The Tragically Hip · Little Bones
Green Day · When I Come Around
Sam Roberts · Brother Down
Pearl Jam · Daughter
Finger Eleven · First Time
Stone Temple Pilots · Plush
Sloan · Money City Maniacs
Red Hot Chili Peppers · Tell Me Baby
Our Lady Peace · Naveed
Kings Of Leon · Sex On Fire
Big Wreck · The Oaf
Blink-182 · All The Small Things
Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker · Laces Out
Silversun Pickups · Lazy Eye
Three Days Grace · Never Too Late

If there are some band names and songs you don't recognize, it's prolly cuz they're Canadian bands (eg Sloan, K-OS, Big Wreck); Check 'em out and you'll be pleasantly surprised!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

IF logos spoke truth, THIS is what they'd say

Apple, Microsoft, Porsche and YouTube spoofs

Swedish designer Viktor Hertz created these tongue-in-cheek logos of popular brands, including Facebook, Apple, YouTube, Microsoft, Absolut Vodka, Coca-Cola and more! Vote for your fave in the Comments section below!

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