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Friday, January 15, 2010

Yuya; Egyptian, Biblical and Mitanni Identities

Photos: Yuya mummy bracketed by Sculptures of Ashurnasirpal.

Many people have asked I why where and how I got the name Yuya, and the short answer is that "Yuya is the Egyptian name of Joseph; the advisor to Pharaoh who wore the coat of many colours" and sometimes I add, "before there was Yusuf or Yosef, there was Yuya in th Eighteenth Dynasty."

Moses has many regional, specialized and alternate identities in the Old Testament, yet it now appears that old Joe may be in there even more places than previously thought. When Ezra entwined the northern Israel stories with the southern Judah tales, he enshrined in the first version of the Torah many regional names and national titles of Joseph, our Yuya who advised three generations of Egyptian Pharaohs.

A month or so back I posted the historical names of Yuya, aka as Joseph in the Old Testament, much of which was based on the pioneering work of Charles Pope and his Historical Identities of Biblical Figures on DomainOfMan.com Website and Forum. I am excited to report that in the past few days I have found significant research identifying the Eastern identies of Yuya by the California Institute for Ancient Studies, including the House of Omri, and these go a long way to explaining why Yuya and Tuya are so predominantly buried in the Valley of the Kings. Another piece of the puzzle concerns Princess Kiya, the beautiful and mysterious Mittani royal daughter who became Favourite Wife of Akhenaten, and quite possibly the mom of Tut, a young Joshua whom Jeshua Aristobulus of the 1st Century was patterned after.

It is definitely possible that some of the names below will turn out to be red herrings, but it is far more likely that the vast majority of them will hold up and that many new names will emerge. The Blessings of Joseph were many and his progeny ruled Egypt and the Middle East for centuries, eventually becoming a dominant line in Europe as well (is it totally coincidence that the Aristocracy descends from the sons, grandsons and relatives of the family of Herod's most renowned grandson, the Man God we have come to remember as Jesus?).

In this post I will try to separate the known names of Yuya Joseph into several categories:

A), Egyptian Names and Titles
B) Biblical Names and Titles
C) Eastern Names and titles

Many of the names overlapped the regions, with only the spellings being different. A Samaritan and a Syrian may pronounce a name very similarly, yet they will have their own variations in spelling. Some of the names may initially be mis-categorized, so I will try to edit and expand this crucial post in the weeks ahead.

Egyptian Names and Titles of Yuya Joseph


Vizier Seph

Master of the Horse

Commander of the Chariotry

Superintendent of Cattle

Overseer of the Cattle of Amun and Min

Lord of Akhmin

Deputy of His Majesty in the Chariotry

Bearer of the Ring of the King of Lower Egypt

Mouth of the King of Upper Egypt

Prophet of Min

King's Lieutenant

The Wise One

Favorite of the Good God

Great Prince

Great of Love

Unique Friend

Beloved of the Lord of the Two Lands

One Made Great by the Lord

He Whom the King Has Made His Double

The Holy Father of the Lord of the Two Lands

Father to Pharaoh

Father of the God

Alternate Egyptian spellings of Yuya:


Biblical Names of Yuya Joseph

King Reuel

Irhuleni of Hamath


King Omri


Ben Hadad



Note: Compare Asherah, wife of Ethbaal, to Asenath, wife of Biblical Joseph.

Eastern Names and Titles of Yuya Joseph

Ashurnasirpal (Chief Priest of Ashur, Chosen one of Enlil and Ninurta, Favorite of Anu and Dagan; Divine Weapon of the Great)



Bar Hadad







Kadashman-Enlil, King of Kasse

I am welcoming readers to post interpretations and additions in the Comments section below, and I will appreciate any insight and links provided.

Peace 2 All

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