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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bernie Sanders defends America on Bill Maher, January 20

In an eloquent and impassioned plea for the right of Americans to control their destiny, Bernie Sanders has become a hero to many. Watch this vid and you will know why Bernie is so loved for telling it like it is.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mitt Romney caught in SuperPAC lie

Willard exclaims "Of course the PAC is run by my former staffers"

During this morning's Meet The Press debate, Mitt Romney claimed he has never seen the negative ads produced by the PAC supporting him, and that he is not involved in any of the planning. Then just minutes later he detailed all the major attacks in one of the ads... so, he has either seen these ads airing, or he planned or viewed them before they went public, and either way he's caught in a lie.

My guess is that before 6pm today, his staff will find a written account of one of the ads and claim that Mitt read that in the newspaper and that was how he knew the content. Or they may fall back on the idea that he hasn't seen ALL of them, but did see the one he detailed air on TV.

Huntsman looks like the only GOP guy who could give Barrack a serious run, so in many ways I am grateful that his words appear to float above the heads of his competitors and audience.

Friday, January 6, 2012

List of chemicals used in fracking process

Methanol (Methyl alcohol) HAP 342
Ethylene glycol (1,2-ethan­­ediol) HAP 119
Diesel19 Carcinogen­­, SDWA, HAP 51
Naphthalen­­e Carcinogen­­, HAP 44
Xylene SDWA, HAP 44
Hydrogen chloride (Hydrochlo­­ric acid) HAP 42
Toluene SDWA, HAP 29
Ethylbenze­­ne SDWA, HAP 28
Diethanola­­mine (2,2-imino­­diethanol­) HAP 14
Formaldehy­­de Carcinogen­­, HAP 12
Sulfuric acid Carcinogen 9
Thiourea Carcinogen 9
Benzyl chloride Carcinogen­­, HAP 8
Cumene HAP 6
Nitrilotri­­acetic acid Carcinogen 6
Dimethyl formamide HAP 5
Phenol HAP 5
Benzene Carcinogen­­, SDWA, HAP 3
Di (2-ethylhe­­xyl) phthalate Carcinogen­­, SDWA, HAP 3
Acrylamide Carcinogen­­, SDWA, HAP 2
Hydrogen fluoride (Hydrofluo­­ric acid) HAP 2
Phthalic anhydride HAP 2
Acetaldehy­­de Carcinogen­­, HAP 1
Acetopheno­­ne HAP 1
Copper SDWA 1
Ethylene oxide Carcinogen­­, HAP 1
Lead Carcinogen­­, SDWA, HAP 1
Propylene oxide Carcinogen­­, HAP 1
p-Xylene HAP 1
Methanol (Methyl alcohol) 342
Isopropano­­l (Isopropyl alcohol, Propan-2-o­­l) 274
Crystallin­­e silica - quartz (SiO2) 207
Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (2-butoxye­­thanol) 126
Ethylene glycol (1,2-ethan­­ediol) 119
Hydrotreat­­ed light petroleum distillate­­s 89
Sodium hydroxide (Caustic soda) 80

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