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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why should Murdoch's Tea Party hold USA citizens hostage

If the Republican's Tea Party wing are the only holdouts from a logical debt ceiling compromise, why is this Fox / Murdoch creation allowed to hold Americans hostage when they represent a small minority?

Do they even understand they are carrying the ball for the mega-rich and the corporate monoliths?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Thirty top websites and blogs for Chinese business news

Economy, trade, finance and culture news from China

From OnlineCollege.org, June 15, 2010

As China continues to emerge as a world power and significant force in key diplomatic issues and especially in influencing the international business community, those in the West need to keep up with all the developments coming from the East. Through blogs like these, you can learn about Chinese business history, the stock market and economy, language and cultural issues, green industry, and other topics that herald the new China. Whether or not you're earning an online college degree in business, take a look at these blogs that can teach you a lot about the future of our economy, as well as China's business news.

Economy and finance in China

China Economy: From the debt crisis affecting China's economy to major business mergers, get all the latest economic news from China when you read this blog.

China Economic Review: Editors' Journal: The editors for this economic journal blog about the Shanghai Composite Index and the overall health of China's economy.

China's Economy: Business Exchange's blog tracks China's economic growth here.

China Financial Markets: Learn more about Chinese currency, how Chinese policies affect the economy, and the Shanghai stock market.

China Stocks Blog: Recent posts on this blog covered public participation in the stock market, social policies, global climate change, and more issues affecting China stocks.

China Hearsay: Beijing-based Stan Abrams is a law professor who keeps up this blog to share news about China's economy and its business and legal industries.

China Stock Market Digest: Find news stories and videos about the auto industry, gaming industry, banking news, and stock market.

AsiaBizBlog: From strikes to the stock market, AsiaBizBlog is a worthwhile blog for catching up on China business headlines.

China Tells: View maps and charts tracking coal production, the stock market, and more.

General Business

From the auto industry to media and tech, check out all sorts of China business blogs here.

China Business Services: This blog reports on the middle class, strikes, capitalism, censorship, currency, market growth, and more.

China Venture News: Find stories and reports on China's financial front, focusing on venture capital and entrepreneurship.

Danwei: Keep up with the emerging media and advertising industries in China, as well as general business topics and economics news.

Cleaner, Greener China: Read about the green industry in China here.

All Roads Lead to China: This news blog reports heavily on Chinese business,
including trade, product safety, regulation, and Chinese business culture.

Managing the Dragon: From the auto industry to technology to globalization and the environment, Managing the Dragon covers "business in China — from the ground up."

China Esquire: This blog mashes up law, business and non-profit news from China.

China Real Time Report: The WSJ blogs about China's banks, real estate, taxes, markets, and more.

China Solved Blog: This blog has business solutions for international managers living and working in China.

Silicon Hutong: Get news relating to China's tech, media and communications industries.

View to China: Check out View to China for posts about innovation, development, taxes, marketing to Chinese customers, and trade.

The China Business Show: Find great stories about entrepreneurship, investing, marketing and even entertainment on this blog.

China Law Blog: The China Law Blog is actually a business law blog that's been covering the Chinese legal system's influence on business since 2006.

Chinalyst: Head to Chinalyst for a steady stream of English-language blog feeds and links on Chinese business and culture.

China Car Times: This blog covers the Chinese car industry, as well as related trade and environmental issues.

Business and Culture

If you're preparing to do business in the East, read these blogs for tips on negotiation, language, and more.

China Challenges: MBA Adjunct Lecturer Brian Schwartz shares commentary on 21st-century China and its innovative new economy.

ChinaHush: Read this blog for intriguing insight into China's economy and how its unique but developing culture influences business there.

Chinese Negotiation: Learn how to negotiate business deals in China when you read this blog.

The China Tracker: Forbes' China business blog has lots of helpful posts about doing business in China, recruiting Chinese customers, learning about new Chinese business ventures, and more.

Mark's China Blog: Mark blogs about nearly everything China but focuses on banking, politics, the labor market, and US/China relations.

Larry Salibra: Learn about American businesses in China, language trends in China, real estate, tech news, and more.

Online College list of 30 best China business blogs with hyperlinks

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jiang Zemin reportedly ill with liver cancer

Rumors of Zemin's death are exaggerated

When Uncle Jiang missed an important State dinner a week ago, tongues began wagging that the former Chinese leader had passed on. While these stories continue to circulate widely on the Internet, recent info seems to indicate that though he is seriously ill, he is still alive.

The former General Secretary of the Communist Party, and ex President of China debuted a new political philosophy, the Three Represents (revolution, construction, reform), while speaking in Maoming, Guangdong in 2000. This reformist ideology has become a core platform of China's leaders.

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