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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mama Jahna Tafari; Excerpts and Drafts

Khanadai Jannah Adika

Welkahm from Ra-Public of Khanadai

Nation of Kehan ada Ibrahim, Jannah Adika

Holy City Tafari

The Marley Lands

Ke-han Ada Ibrahim: Ke=great han=ruler; ada=of noble kind; Ib / ab = father, father of many, father of multitude; Rahim = merciful, kind, compassionate

Meaning of the name of Our nation name Khanadai:

great ruler, of noble kind,
father of many merciful, kind, and compassionate souls

Meaning of Our nation name Jannah Adika:

Garden of Gentleness

Full meaning of our nation name Khanadai Jannah Adika

Rulers of Earth,
Creators of a Merciful Garden of Compassionate Gentleness

Our hope is that Daughters and Sons of Khanadai will be lights among the nations, teaching the commonality of the Abrahamic Faiths, and illustrating the shared roots of our cultures and religions. I have been known for grace, judgement and mercy since I was a child, have often been accused of loving all peoples, all cultures, all nations. This does not mean I respect or love many of the nation-state governments. Look to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as something worthwhile for all humanity that wants it, and I believe they do.

I breathe life, soul and energy into North America, Africa and the World!
I am a vessel of Alljah, aligned with Gabriel
U Feel It U Know It U Live It

Proclamation of Existence Groundation

Who is an African? Who is Rasta?
All of I and I descend from African Adam and African Eve
All Humanikind rise up as One nation
Together as Humanity, in Wisdom and Peace

O, Purified ones, read your Koran
We have made it a reminder and an advantage
for the wayfarers of the desert and the city.
Glorify the name of Jah Allah

Who IS Jah, Who IS Allah
Elijah, Buddha, Shen Nung among humans
Musa, Yeshua, Mandela among Gods
Them scorn I and I knowledge of We
Falsely claim we're chosen chasing rainbows
If Allah is Jah then I’ll praise AllJah

The LORD is in there, Africa
The LORD is in there, Israel and Arabia
From Ethiopia, Israel, Palestine and Arabia
Shall each a portion come

In the hills of Jamaica and Ghana
Through the streets of Toronto and London
Word of Khanadai healing like honey
A star-filled night of beauty
A baby's gentle smile

Oh false believers and idolators
Worshippers of the Sun and the Cross
Who know not Jeshua’s Word and Light
Their hearts are a desert also
Fallow or barren ground
We shall see

They wanted to drag Him
Pick up rocks together and stone Him
Seize Him and hand Him over to the mindless crowd
Yet the hour of His arrest had not come

O dwellers of the desert
What will ye do?
How will ye hide your sins before God and his angels?
Behold, God himself is the judge, fear him:
leave off from your sins,
and forget your iniquities,
meddle no more with them, forever:
so shall God lead you forth,
and deliver you from all trouble.
Knock down the walls of Babylon
Build up the bridges of Peace
Ye are with me or against me
For NOW is the time of decision

Do not call me Teacher
When you do not listen to what I say
Your heart is a stone
Your lips move in vain

Sons of Menelik, sons of Arafat
Daughters of Yaa Antesewah
The days of mere humans are over
Give up the ghostly bitterness
The shadow fades, the sun rises
Walk proudly in the Sun
Love Thy Neighbor

I awake from deep slumber
My voice is loud, as if emboldened by spirits
My enemies are crushed all over this globe
Why is my own country still polluting?
Where are the leaders of tomorrow?
Who can withstand my perpetual reproach?
I refuse the limitations of my forefathers,
Their literal but subhuman transliterations
And their wandering from Jah ways

I choose the tribe of Judah,
the mount Zion which he loved.
I build My sanctuary like high palaces,
like the earth, established for ever.

I choose David as My servant,
and take him from the sheepfolds:
From following the ewes great with young
I brought him, to feed Jacob his people,
and Israel his inheritance.

I feed ye according to the integrity of My heart; and guide by the skilfulness of My hands.

They said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?
Behold, he smote the rock, that the waters gushed out,
and the streams overflowed; can he give bread also?
Can he provide food for his people?

Jah will revive
Moses, My son
Jah will revive
Abram, Our Grandfather
Jah will revive
Jacob, My father
Jah will revive
Isaac, My grandfather

How oft did they provoke him in the wilderness,
and grieve him in the desert!
I am known for My patience
Though mighty in great anger
Full of mercy, then wrathful
I am honored among Holy people

Splendid, among My chosen
Holy and great in the blessings of Jah
When the Era of Wickedness is at an end,
and evildoing ceases forever.

Yea, they turned back and tempted God,
and limited the Holy One of Israel.
They remembered not his hand,
nor the day when he delivered them from the enemy.

Evil is the penalty of imperfection
Misadaptation to analysis and experience
From partial and temporal, to complete and eternal
So read and overstand and overcome

I shall speak out freely
I shall praise Jah every which way
Now you who understand My parables
Who penetrate the origins of knowledge
Who hold fast to the wonderful mysteries;
Why even the simple, the devious,
The stiffnecks and the baldheads,
Are able to hear my humanity.

Who among you seeks the presence
Of Light and Illumination,
By the angels of Jah?

By faith Abraham, when he was called,
to go out into a place
which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed;
and he went out, not knowing whither he went.

By faith he sojourned in the land of promise,
as in a strange country,
dwelling in tabernacles with Isaac and Jacob,
the heirs with him of the same promise:
For he looked for a city which hath foundations,
whose builder and maker is God.

Let them speak against us
Them seh we fell for
Some sort of new way
Yet I am the God of Abraham

Who dares counteract my countenance?
Who will deny My Providence?
The fate of the Earth depends on ye
Leading the blessed transformation

Water Links, Water Purification, Energy from Water

Here are some H2O related website links:

The best way to ensure clean, unpolluted water is for humans to move to an Infinite Energy Based Electro-Hydrogen Economy, so invest in green power too!

Peace 2 All,

Joe College

Excerpt 3: Mama Jahna Tafari, Sacred Heart Queens

Jahna Mama Africa

Sacred Heart Queens

Queen Mutemwiya Bathsheba

Queen Tiye Makeda of Sheba

Queen Nefertiti of Egypt

Queen Candace of Meroe

Queen Kandace Amanirenas of Kush

Queen Dahia Al-Kahina of

Queen Taytu of Ethiopia

Queen Menen of Ethiopia

Queen Yaa Asentewaa

These Royal Ladies are not the only women of Africa who proved their loyalty and leadership over decades of dignified responsibility, yet they do represent a finely devoted collection of Biblical and more recent African Queens.

Queen of David, Mother of Solomon, Our Lady of Egypt was born circa 905 bc, and became a crucial Royal Wife of King David Thutmose IV. David had three wives, first Queen Iaret-Wadjet / Michal; 2nd Nefertari ; 3rd, Our Queen Mutemwiya / Bathsheba. Queen Mutemwiya aka Bath-shua, Bathsheba and Dinah, was an aunt of Yuya Joseph Ashurnasirpal.

Daughter of dad Eliam / Ammiel / Isaac / Aratama / Artatema / Artatama, and mom Menhet, full sister of Thutmose IV / King David, Menhet being daughter of Thutmose III and First Wife Sitiah.

Wife of Thutmose IV (King David), Queen Mutemwiya became mother of Amenhotep III (Solomon).

As a baby I viewed Earth through the eyes of Enoch, and when I was a child I thought like Musa Akhenaten and the Boy-King Tut Joshua. In my troubled teens I walked this beautiful land as Aristobulus Jeshua, and honestly took decades to grow into the Lesser Yuya role. Nobody compares with the original Yuya Joseph Ashurnasirpal, yet I love keeping the moniker alive.

Queen Tiye Makeda of Sheba;
Our Lady Tiye was born circa 886 bc into the royal family of Middle arth and north Africa.
Queen Tiye was aka Zipporah / Jochebed / Jezebel / Joacaste / Merope / Naamah / Anath / Makeda / Baalat Nese / Karamat and Maatkare.

Jah sent I and I to absorb the concentrated sunshine and then radiate it out through our joyful lives, culture and music. LIVE UP Rasta Children!!! Michael and I made music like angels, more time give thanks and praises. Peruse the writings for discernation of Truth, overstanding the latter years of the 20th and first decade of the 21st, piercing the propaganda armour.

Metatron wants and needs for you to know that Shekinah has not gone away, she has been submerged under the weight of Babylonian phallic architecture. She is emerging now, and finding safety in many if not yet most corners of Our planet. Hear I NOW Sons of Abraham and Moses, Jeshua and Mohammed: I do not care about ancient tribal traditions, only about your submission to Jah Allah.

Tiye became wife of Aye / Aya / Asa / Ahab / Labayu, and with him,
as Jezebel, mother of "daughter" Athaliah but actually a reinvention of herself, mother of King Azahiah with King Ahab / Aye / Ephraim, and grandmom of King Joash and of Queen Jehoaddan, Wife of King Josiah.

Queen Tiye is most remembered as
wife of Amenhotep III, Solomon, with him the
mother of son Akhenaten / Amenhotep IV / Moses II, and also
mother of daughter Sitamun (probable Kiya, DNA mother of Tut),
mother of daughter Henuttaneb,
mother of daughter Hentymerheb,
mother of daughter Isis / Iset,
mother of daughter Nebetah (possibly Athaliah II, neb-etah),
mother of Bakytaten. Tiye was
grandmother of Tutankhamun Joshua Elisha Gershom, and also
likely grandmother of Smenkhkare Elijah Eliezer Abijah Elias.

Metatron proclaims that clear-minded adult men who violate and wage violence upon women or children shall suffer in this life and beyond. Nations and peoples that respect and LOVE their children, women and men alike will prosper economically and will crush their enemies militarily, and then there will be a hundred decades of Peace in the Holy Lands. It will begin with a renewable Ten Year Truce between Israel, Palestine and neighboring countries, and will grow wider and stronger on each renewal date with more and more countries agreeing to embrace diplomacy.

Fatima and Sarah are alive AND in Paradise, such is the glory of a righteous life. Mary of The Tower watches over Her Flock, yet the heathen disdain this sacred woman as a harlot and infidel. They know not of what they speak...

All faiths have good and evil, gods and devils, angels and demons. Even the agnostics and the atheists have goodness and purity and clearness of thought, no different from believers in any of the hundreds (1000s) of faith options here on GAIA.

Beautiful Wife of the Sun King

born circa 869 bc,
Queen Nefertiti was also known as Miriam

(Daughter of Aye / Ephraim and Tiye / Karamat; thus a Granddaughter of King David and of Yuya Joseph)
- daughter of Taduhepa / Tiye, mom (herself daughter of Yuya) and Aye / Ahab

- full or half-sis and wife of Akhenaten, with who she had six daughters
- mother of daughter Meritaten (Meritaten TaSherit and Ankhesenpaaten TaSherit are twin daughters of Meriaten and Smenkhkare)
- mother of daughter Meketaten
- mother of daughter Ankhesenpaaten / Ankhesenamen
- mother of daughter Neferneferuaten
- mother of daughter Neferneferure
- mother of daughter Setepenre

As Akhenaten's sarcophagus has been reconstructed, it has revealed that the corners were adorned with figures of Queen Nefertiti extending protective arms, like the guardian of the four quarters.

Some say that Metatron controls life and death, however, this is not always presented in a positive Light. To deeply overstand and appreciate the essence of I writings over the past decade, know that they are written to assist in creating and inspiring an enjoyable, sustainable planet, where fifteen billion human souls can live comfortably, well before the end of this epic Twenty-First Century. If we create the technology and systems for fifteen billion to live in freedom, comfort and dignity by 2040, then we can logically scale up or down for twelve billion or eighteen billion, reviewing our progress annually. Basic near term goals should be a sustainable, livable planet for ten billion by 2020, twelve billion by 2030, and fifteen billion by 2040.

A 2nd scenario would have us at eleven billion people by 2020, thirteen billion by 2030, yet only fourteen bil by 2040, as globalization lowers birth rates in developing nations. Still, 14 billion is 2 people for every one now alive, and we're talking only a few decades away.

Jah gave I a mission, to oversee the transition...

Mama Jahan Tafari - Excerpt 2 from forthcoming novel

Her Holiness and purity cannot be comprehended, for the fate of Africa is that of the world. Should the Sahara swallow a continent, she would grow out of control and merge with the Arabian Desert and the Gobi Desert to cut a massive swath of desolation across the heart of humanity.

I am not being metaphorical when I say that it is time to draw a line in the sand, an elliptical pattern delineating the Sahara as is, and even that is land ready and waiting to be reclaimed by humanikind, Inshallah. Metatropical wonders await the paradisical mind, as the psychotropical Peace Army overcomes the parasitical corpolitica megacorpus, the metaphorical bloated whale on the 21st Century beach.

Our OT and NT represent first the story of North African and Middle Eastern royals, primarily the descendants of Ibrahim Shaustatar, and the sequel covers the world-leading achievements of the sons, grandsons and granddaughters of King Herod the Great. Yet the roots of Our Bible grew strong in Africa, and not all of the Chosen crossed the Sinai. Some ventured south to Meroe, Napata and Axum, while others traveled along the edge of the Sahara into the African interior.

King Ja Ja is a link from the Biblical men of East Africa to the Holy Ladies of West Africa, as spiritual leaders went south and west after dissolution of Nile Unity, circa 700 bc. Let all the peoples of the earth know the stories of each of the major queens, and relate to her story. Genealogy is at the beginning and the end.

Egyptian and Ethiopian royals, African legacies disbursed, yet by the 19th century (eg Dominica first black parliamentary majority in British Empire history), Caribbean and American black history heroes emerge, especially in Jamaica, Trinidad, USA, and yes, even Canada inspires Us. Add in South America and Black African Culture was now secure on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

I and I remember and honour Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, W E Dubois, Paul Bogle, Alexander Bustamante, Rosa Parks, Aretha Franklin, Martin Luther King, Robert Nesta Marley, and then We go back ...

Excerpt from Mama Jahna Tafari, by Yuya Joe College

It was the pot smokers who saved the world, the Rastas and hippies who gave peace a chance and stuck firm to ecological diversity. Strong women took up the challenge; Gaia beamed with glee and swelled up with pride, not the hurtful arrogant sort, but rather the healing pride, the belief in self-worth absent in male violence cultures.

Montreal became a sister to the Big Apple, and the World Parliament gradually assumed many of the duties and much of the budget previously allocated to the UN, however the dual structure was providing tremendous dividends, and humans globally appreciated the participatory democracy and regional representation the global parliament epitomized.

I bring the fire within and I capture the rain for the people; I harness Ra for the purification of the economic base. Herbal remedies entered my life at fourteen years of age, and the wonders of cannabis have facilitated decades of music making, writing, singing, playing and most wonderfully of all, making love. Let it be known that the most masculine trait a man can embrace is the love and protection of women and children, including respect as equals and a belief in full access to education for boys and girls. Conscious humans everywhere must strive to create a world that provides meaningful, sustainable employment for men and women alike.

Mama Jahna Tafari was reborn in twenty ten, her spirit soaring over the Atlantic and healing souls in the Big Smoke, elevating the dialogue and laying the foundation for an envisioned paradise rising from the Sahara sands. From Ghana to the Marley Lands, Khanada to Holy City Tafari Herself, Khanara to the New Flower, Africa is birthed anew as an icon for humanity. On earth as in ...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jamming with Aaron is an unforgettable pleasure

My 20 year old son Aaron has been playing guitar for about 2 years now, and though we had shown each other a few riffs and licks from time, until last night we never had a full-out jam session. He's a huge fan of Neutral Milk Hotel, so we played some of their tunes, plus I showed him some traditional blues patterns and rock power chord sequences.

We're heading to PEI for a family reunion this August so we should be able to get lots of guitar playing in then.

Jam with the Fam!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

20+ Stocks that May Save Our Planet

Everyone knows that I've been promoting green energy over fossil fuels and nuclear since 1980 (Rock Against Radiation) and before, however the past few years I have been stepping up efforts by launching a range of green power investing blogs. Now we reach a Josephson Juncture where the Gulf of Mexico travesty may be unprecedented in magnitude, therefore accelerating the pace of technological growth and implementation of a sustainable clean energy economy.

Choosing your equity investments wisely is more crucial than ever, yet if you think that investing alone will stop this train wreck of 20th century inertia I'd suggest you give your head a shake. Still, there are companies that have great technology, systems and people and they can be key contributors during our transition to an Infinite Energy Electro-Hydrogen Economy.

Here are some stocks worth considering for any ethical portfolio, particularly those focused on ecology and clean energy (note that I haven't followed these companies too closely the past year, so am not commenting on their current valuation, they are included because they have looked promising over the past few years generally):

Infinite Energy Based Electro-Hydrogen Economy

Ormat Tech ORA - Geothermal powerhouse so highly respected and globally accomplished they'll have their pick of the best projects for a long time to come.

GT Solar International SOLR - SOLR creates solar power manufacturing equipment and has been experiencing exponential growth.

Suzlon Wind Energy - India's major wind energy company is an emerging global power producer with plenty of blue sky.

Yingli Green Energy - Baoding, China-based photovoltaic power producer may be positioned for years of high growth and profitability. View Legend of Ying Ying online animation.

Vestas Windpower - Denmark's world-leading wind turbine manufacturer is the gold standard globally. Their market share will likely decline, yet they are the bluest of the green chips, the Mercedes of a Chevy and Ford industry.

Energy Conversion Devices ENER - US photovoltaic solar energy company commercializes materials, products, and production processes for the alternative energy generation, energy storage, and information technology markets. The company operates in two segments: United Solar Ovonic and Ovonic Materials. The United Solar Ovonic segment designs, develops, manufactures, and sells proprietary thin-film solar (photovoltaic or PV) modules, which are lightweight, thin, flexible, and durable products for converting sunlight into electricity. It sells these PV modules to commercial roofing materials manufacturers, builders and building contractors, and solar power installers/integrators, who incorporate these PV modules into their products and services for commercial sale.

Suntech Power Holdings STP - Suntech designs, develops, manufactures, and markets photovoltaic cells and modules. Hit 52 week low in June 2010; bottom-fishers take note!

LDK Solar LDK - LDK sells silicon wafers to many of the world's top photovoltaic energy companies.

Spire Corp SPIR - Manufacturer of building-integrated solar power products and turnkey solar energy manufacturing equipment; perhaps not as exciting as GT Solar, but a proven technology company with medical division also.

ReneSola (ADR) SOL - Jiashan, China-based manufacturer of solar wafers took a big hit in Q4 but investors now starting to look ahead.

Evergreen Solar ESLR - Former darling of the US solar industry fell over 90% during the credit markets crash but continues to post revenue growth; reached a 52 week low in June 2010 so worth looking at.

MEMC Electronic Materials WFR - Though sales from the computer side have slowed and overall revenue has also stalled, the coming revival in the solar industry will give WFR new traction.

First Solar FSLR - World's largest solar energy company has been mostly in a 100-160 band since the Wall Street financial collapse, so this next rally will ry to covert 160-180 from resistance to support.

Clean Energy Fuels CLNE - Clean Ener is the most likely beneficiary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster, at least it will be if there are some remnants of sanity left in the United States of America. It looks like the stock may have short term bottomed in early June 2010, and has resumed its one year plus upward trend.

More names to watch for:

EnerNoc ENOC


Canadian Solar CSIQ

American Superconductor AMSC

Broadwind Energy BWEN


Clean Energy Industries to research:

windpower incl land-based, offshore, micro
biogas / biomass / biofuels
photovoltaic solar
thermal solar
concentrated solar
intelligent architecture
energy efficiency
smart grid technology
electric vehicles
wave energy / tidal power

Sunday, June 13, 2010

CJ Dippa Photos, Will CJ Rap AND Sing Next Week?

America's Got talent is featuring an eleven year old rapper named CJ Dippa in the 2010 season, and the buzz around this kid is likely to grow as the series strecthes on.

Here are some CJ Dippa photos found on the web:

Eminem meets Michael Jackson at Justin Timberlake's place... the lad can rap and dance, but can he sing? Stay tuned...

MORE C J Dippa photos!!!

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