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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Could OIL SLICK DEPRESSION be harbinger of a Brighter Day?

At first I was alarmed, then nauseated, now physically sick and close to bedridden. Maybe it's the changing of the seasons, maybe it's the hole in the roof leaking water into my daughter's room and our living room, however the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster is always on my mind, as it emerges to be the biggest human fuckup in decades and possibly the greatest environmental calamity ever caused by humans.

Notes to Obama, self, and readers:

10 Year Plan America Off Oil - One decade plan to reduce USA oil consumption by 70 to 80%, with imported oil from countries other than Canada and Mexico to be reduced by 90 to 95%.

3 Month Plan, Joe Off Tobacco - A dozen years ago I was able to swear off alcohol and have stayed faithful to that decision, yet the insidious poison weed is so much harder to shake. Will I be able to channel some of this darkness to kill off that addiction and emerge stronger, or will the doomsday developments accelerate my own demise?

New Offshore Deepwater Drilling Rules - For next ten years, no new deepwater oil wells to be drilled. Only deepwater drilling allowed will be for natural gas, or for a relief well required by a high pressure existing well. Just as we are decommissioning old nuclear plants and learning to get by without their toxic effluents, we will be winding down significant sections of this industry in North America. The smart players will move their assets and expertise into natural gas and clean energy, while the weak companies will perish. That's business.

A Working Vision of a Clean Energy Based Sustainable Economy

Thirty years ago I proposed the Eternal Energy Based Electro-Hydrogen Economy, and in hindsight I think the word eternal may have scared off some secular researchers. I now call it the Infinite Energy Electro-Hydrogen Economy, as that seems to be a term that could unite through clarity.

Creating a permanent sustainable society means evolving off of coal, oil and uranium (all elements of planetary decay), and utilizing natural gas as a transitional fuel on the way to primary use of Infinite Energy (solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, biofuels, tidal, wave++). For full clarity, overstand electricity and hydrogen not as energy sources, but as energy currencies. To achieve the most efficient version of the Infinite Energy Electro-Hydrogen Economy, one must match as much local energy sources to local energy needs as is possible, and when creating energy currency in the form of electricity and increasingly hydrogen, it is imperative that the inputs are clean, green and sustainable.

In fifty years (2060) we may not be completely off of coal, oil and uranium, however their percentage of overall energy use will be so minimal that mankind's energy future will have already shifted to brain capital, where it is doing very well thank you kindly.

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