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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Excerpt 3: Mama Jahna Tafari, Sacred Heart Queens

Jahna Mama Africa

Sacred Heart Queens

Queen Mutemwiya Bathsheba

Queen Tiye Makeda of Sheba

Queen Nefertiti of Egypt

Queen Candace of Meroe

Queen Kandace Amanirenas of Kush

Queen Dahia Al-Kahina of

Queen Taytu of Ethiopia

Queen Menen of Ethiopia

Queen Yaa Asentewaa

These Royal Ladies are not the only women of Africa who proved their loyalty and leadership over decades of dignified responsibility, yet they do represent a finely devoted collection of Biblical and more recent African Queens.

Queen of David, Mother of Solomon, Our Lady of Egypt was born circa 905 bc, and became a crucial Royal Wife of King David Thutmose IV. David had three wives, first Queen Iaret-Wadjet / Michal; 2nd Nefertari ; 3rd, Our Queen Mutemwiya / Bathsheba. Queen Mutemwiya aka Bath-shua, Bathsheba and Dinah, was an aunt of Yuya Joseph Ashurnasirpal.

Daughter of dad Eliam / Ammiel / Isaac / Aratama / Artatema / Artatama, and mom Menhet, full sister of Thutmose IV / King David, Menhet being daughter of Thutmose III and First Wife Sitiah.

Wife of Thutmose IV (King David), Queen Mutemwiya became mother of Amenhotep III (Solomon).

As a baby I viewed Earth through the eyes of Enoch, and when I was a child I thought like Musa Akhenaten and the Boy-King Tut Joshua. In my troubled teens I walked this beautiful land as Aristobulus Jeshua, and honestly took decades to grow into the Lesser Yuya role. Nobody compares with the original Yuya Joseph Ashurnasirpal, yet I love keeping the moniker alive.

Queen Tiye Makeda of Sheba;
Our Lady Tiye was born circa 886 bc into the royal family of Middle arth and north Africa.
Queen Tiye was aka Zipporah / Jochebed / Jezebel / Joacaste / Merope / Naamah / Anath / Makeda / Baalat Nese / Karamat and Maatkare.

Jah sent I and I to absorb the concentrated sunshine and then radiate it out through our joyful lives, culture and music. LIVE UP Rasta Children!!! Michael and I made music like angels, more time give thanks and praises. Peruse the writings for discernation of Truth, overstanding the latter years of the 20th and first decade of the 21st, piercing the propaganda armour.

Metatron wants and needs for you to know that Shekinah has not gone away, she has been submerged under the weight of Babylonian phallic architecture. She is emerging now, and finding safety in many if not yet most corners of Our planet. Hear I NOW Sons of Abraham and Moses, Jeshua and Mohammed: I do not care about ancient tribal traditions, only about your submission to Jah Allah.

Tiye became wife of Aye / Aya / Asa / Ahab / Labayu, and with him,
as Jezebel, mother of "daughter" Athaliah but actually a reinvention of herself, mother of King Azahiah with King Ahab / Aye / Ephraim, and grandmom of King Joash and of Queen Jehoaddan, Wife of King Josiah.

Queen Tiye is most remembered as
wife of Amenhotep III, Solomon, with him the
mother of son Akhenaten / Amenhotep IV / Moses II, and also
mother of daughter Sitamun (probable Kiya, DNA mother of Tut),
mother of daughter Henuttaneb,
mother of daughter Hentymerheb,
mother of daughter Isis / Iset,
mother of daughter Nebetah (possibly Athaliah II, neb-etah),
mother of Bakytaten. Tiye was
grandmother of Tutankhamun Joshua Elisha Gershom, and also
likely grandmother of Smenkhkare Elijah Eliezer Abijah Elias.

Metatron proclaims that clear-minded adult men who violate and wage violence upon women or children shall suffer in this life and beyond. Nations and peoples that respect and LOVE their children, women and men alike will prosper economically and will crush their enemies militarily, and then there will be a hundred decades of Peace in the Holy Lands. It will begin with a renewable Ten Year Truce between Israel, Palestine and neighboring countries, and will grow wider and stronger on each renewal date with more and more countries agreeing to embrace diplomacy.

Fatima and Sarah are alive AND in Paradise, such is the glory of a righteous life. Mary of The Tower watches over Her Flock, yet the heathen disdain this sacred woman as a harlot and infidel. They know not of what they speak...

All faiths have good and evil, gods and devils, angels and demons. Even the agnostics and the atheists have goodness and purity and clearness of thought, no different from believers in any of the hundreds (1000s) of faith options here on GAIA.

Beautiful Wife of the Sun King

born circa 869 bc,
Queen Nefertiti was also known as Miriam

(Daughter of Aye / Ephraim and Tiye / Karamat; thus a Granddaughter of King David and of Yuya Joseph)
- daughter of Taduhepa / Tiye, mom (herself daughter of Yuya) and Aye / Ahab

- full or half-sis and wife of Akhenaten, with who she had six daughters
- mother of daughter Meritaten (Meritaten TaSherit and Ankhesenpaaten TaSherit are twin daughters of Meriaten and Smenkhkare)
- mother of daughter Meketaten
- mother of daughter Ankhesenpaaten / Ankhesenamen
- mother of daughter Neferneferuaten
- mother of daughter Neferneferure
- mother of daughter Setepenre

As Akhenaten's sarcophagus has been reconstructed, it has revealed that the corners were adorned with figures of Queen Nefertiti extending protective arms, like the guardian of the four quarters.

Some say that Metatron controls life and death, however, this is not always presented in a positive Light. To deeply overstand and appreciate the essence of I writings over the past decade, know that they are written to assist in creating and inspiring an enjoyable, sustainable planet, where fifteen billion human souls can live comfortably, well before the end of this epic Twenty-First Century. If we create the technology and systems for fifteen billion to live in freedom, comfort and dignity by 2040, then we can logically scale up or down for twelve billion or eighteen billion, reviewing our progress annually. Basic near term goals should be a sustainable, livable planet for ten billion by 2020, twelve billion by 2030, and fifteen billion by 2040.

A 2nd scenario would have us at eleven billion people by 2020, thirteen billion by 2030, yet only fourteen bil by 2040, as globalization lowers birth rates in developing nations. Still, 14 billion is 2 people for every one now alive, and we're talking only a few decades away.

Jah gave I a mission, to oversee the transition...

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