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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Deepwater Horizon OIL SPILL is NOT Three Mile Island; It's CHERNOBYL!!!

TMI was the death knell for nuclear power development in the USA, as 100% of new atomic energy projects in the United States were shelved after the Harrisburg incident. Still, Chernobyl was far worse and represented clearly the folly of splitting atoms to generate electricity. As one wag once said, that's like using a chainsaw to cut butter.

This BP Oil Spill has had me somewhat depressed for a few weeks now, but I'm starting to get ANGRY! I am hoping President Obama uses this crisis to launch a new plan for America:

OFF OIL in 10 years!!!

This plan would see oil imports from countries other than Canada and Mexico reduced to zero, and overall use of oil for energy (it will still be required for petrochemical industry) reduced by 90%, and total oil use reduced by 75% to 80%. Millions of new jobs will be created!

Perhaps it is just my perennial optimism, but today the underwater oil clouds seem thinner, possibly indicating that BP is finally capturing the majority of the oil blowing out of the well. If so, HURRAY!

Peace 2 All,

Yuya Joe College

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