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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Full Lyrics to Earth Song by Michael Jackson

Most people know that Michael Jackson did a lot of good for the children of the world and inspired other artists such as Alicia Keys to carry on this valuable work. I would guess that many do not think of MJ when they think of environmentalists and ecologists, but Mike's love of animals and compassion for suffering everywhere made him highly conscious of the damage humans have caused and are causing to this beautiful ball of blue, green and brown fun rolling through the sky.

Here are the complete lyrics to Michael's tune Earth Song.

Earth Song by Michael Jackson

What about sunrise
What about rain

What about all the things

That you said we were to gain.. .

What about killing fields

Is there a time

What about all the things

That you said was yours and mine...

Did you ever stop to notice

All the blood we've shed before

Did you ever stop to notice

The crying Earth the weeping shores?

Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah

What have we done to the world

Look what we've done

What about all the peace

That you pledge your only son...

What about flowering fields

Is there a time

What about all the dreams

That you said was yours and mine...

Did you ever stop to notice

All the children dead from war

Did you ever stop to notice

The crying Earth the weeping shores

Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaah

I used to dream

I used to glance beyond the stars

Now I don't know where we are

Although I know we've drifted far

Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaah

Aaaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaaaaah

Hey, what about yesterday

(What about us)

What about the seas

(What about us)

The heavens are falling down

(What about us)

I can't even breathe

(What about us)

What about the bleeding Earth

(What about us)

Can't we feel its wounds

(What about us)

What about nature's worth


It's our planet's womb

(What about us)

What about animals

(What about it)

We've turned kingdoms to dust

(What about us)

What about elephants

(What about us)

Have we lost their trust

(What about us)

What about crying whales

(What about us)

We're ravaging the seas

(What about us)

What about forest trails

(ooo, ooo)

Burnt despite our pleas

(What about us)

What about the holy land

(What about it)

Torn apart by creed

(What about us)

What about the common man

(What about us)

Can't we set him free

(What about us)

What about children dying

(What about us)

Can't you hear them cry

(What about us)

Where did we go wrong

(ooo, ooo)

Someone tell me why

(What about us)

What about babies

(What about it)

What about the days

(What about us)

What about all their joy

(What about us)

What about the man

(What about us)

What about the crying man

(What about us)

What about Abraham

(What was us)

What about death again

(ooo, ooo)

Do we give a damn

Online Tribute to Superstar Michael Jackson

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Influenced Many Musicians and Artists

After Elvis Presley passed away, Michael Jackson became the undisputed King of Pop, and his brilliant singing and dancing rocked the world for over four decades. As a kid I loved ABC, and as an adult Michael impressed me with tracks such as Human Nature, Thriller and Beat It, among many others

I would also like to add that I have never believed all the wicked things people like the Santa Barbara DA and Jay Leno have said or inferred about MJ, and that I have never seen anything remotely resembling evidence. Perhaps I am naive, but I believe that it is better to give people the benefit of the doubt when there is no real evidence to indicate otherwise. If Michael Jackson was a woman, people would have compared him to Mother Theresa. Jacko, you were a great man and the world is a sadder place without your sensitivity and humanity.

May your legacy of love and compassion carry on...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Persian Uprising May Be First Major Revolution of 21st Century

My aplogies to any groups who have already achieved significant social change in the early years of the 21st Century, but the events of the past eight days in Iran indicate a fundamental change in the nation is taking place. What I like about the coverage is that the constant images of modern Tehran illustrate to North Americans and others that Iran is not some backwater of goat herders (nothing against you guys...goat's milk is the closest to human milk and ultra-nutritious) but rather a vibrant semi-industrialized country that is an early adopter of communications and other technologies, and there's the rub.

The very sophistication in wireless and Internet technology that creates such pride in nationalists and other patriots is the double-edged sword that lets the world look in on the events as if they were in a major USA or European city. Nobody knows where this thing goes but the possibility of a military coup that overthrows the Ayatollahs and declares new elections is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

Think back to the early days of US troops entering Baghdad, and how unaware of the cradle of civilization they were. Museums filled with the treasures of antiquity, the evidence of some of humankind's earliest advanced communities, were ransacked and looted in the days that followed. Knowledge and even some of human dignity has been lost forever...yet think again how different it could have been had every sargeant and general been made aware of Babylonian history and which facilities to surround and protect. That war never should have happened, but the way it was carried out was in some ways worse than the actual decision to overthrow Saddam.

Now think about all the vitriol of recent years levelled against Iran; how many Americans understand the historical importance of Iran / Persia? Research over the past decade links the ancient Persian Empire with Egypt, Rome and Alexander the Great. Not only is the Persian Empire the ony rival to the Roman Empire for breadth and length of duration, in many ways Romans only carried on the work of Persians, in the job of unifying and ruling the world.

The New Testament Herodian family was patterned not only on Jacob and his sons and grandsons, but also on the Persian ruling elite who had themselves followed these Egyptian traditions. From the earliest days of Islam, Persians / Iranians were at the forefront of the faith, and the Shi'ite faith is to Muslims what Catholicism is to Christians, with Protestants equating to Sunnis.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Punk Rock To Align with Ecology Groups against toxic fuels

Having been there when punk rocked against racism and nuclear weaponry (late 70s, early 80s), it is clear to me that punk rock in the twenty-teenies and twenty-twenties will be about survival, and the fight against coal, oil and nuclear. Ya think I'm overstating the case? You probably also think that Bush's work for his Texan and Saudi backers had nothing to do with$140 oil and the near collapse of the global economy...

Anyways, I am inviting everyone with news of any environmental or social protests to post it here, especially if there is a connection to punk rock or other activist music (thinking Reggae, ska, folk, hardcore, world+++).

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