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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oliver Stone and Michael Moore support Wikileaks and Assange

WikiLeaks and Free Speech

Monday, August 20, 2012

Common origins of Islam and Judeo-Christian icons

Queen Tiye's husband Sol-Amenhotep III is in fact Shalmaneser III who is Shaul Manasseh, overstanding Solomon / Shalom as the western/southern / Egyptian/Ethiopian/Judean remembrance, Aaron as the northern / Israel memory and Salman / Manasseh / Shalim as the eastern / Assyrian/Mittanni manifestation of the same King. The west remembers the wisdom and the era of Peace, the north remembers the crucial role of a Joseph-quality Vizier, and the East knew well that the the Two Lands no longer meant Upper and Lower Nile, but rather Egypt and Mittanni, and they had to be the fiercest of warriors to maintain a unified front. Control of the center of the world (Medi-Terranean meaning Middle Earth) meant that others would bow their knee.

As the reigning warrior side of our lifetime heroes are hidden in Western / Judaic / Christian teachings, does that mean that to some degree the peaceful and loving side of these same humans has been hidden from Eastern disciples of The Prophet?

Oh what a predicament we're in...

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