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Friday, February 26, 2010

Lennon, KISS, Rush; A Tip for the Mayor of Cleveland

I was reminiscing with a friend about the Rush album 2112 and the Zager and Evans song In The Year 2525, when I remembered a trip to the States I enjoyed as a kid.

It was a big deal, getting to drive all the way from Southern Ontario to the South of the United States, and it was exciting being on holiday with my parents and sister during Christmas 1970. When we hit St. Louis we stayed with our friend Gary Sabourin of the St. Louis Blues, as he had lived with my family when he was a teenager playing for the Kitchener Rangers. The Boston Bruins were in town, and though St. Louis lost the game 7 to 1, Gary brought a program into both dressing rooms and when he gave me that gift I had everyone's signature, including the great Bobby Orr, who remains at the top of hockey's pantheon, alongside Wayne Gretzky.

In hindsight that voyage was the beginning of the end for my hopes of becoming a pro hockey player, and the start of a lifelong fascination with powerful songs and the simultaneously spiritual and rebellious nature of rock'n'roll, and what we would later term punk rock.

In Texas we were staying at my aunt's house (my uncle was in US Air Force) in San Antonio and we went to midnight mass on Christmas Eve on the Air Force Base. Another night was even more memorable, as everyone went out for dinner but I said I wasn't feeling well and got to stay home alone in my aunt and uncle's house.

Young Yuya was twelve years old and played Instant Karma about 30 times in a row, as loud as the stereo would go...

That rapturous evening provided beautiful electrifying chills that have lasted a lifetime. I and I are still loving that song, and every year when the HolyDays roll around, you know to get your butt in gear when you hear John sing "And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?"

It would be another 3 or 4 years before Dylan could penetrate my psyche, and another decade before I truly delved into Marley at the level deserved, but my boy Lennon was with me like a Bro from that day forward.

Rush are heavily influenced by Ayn Rand and individualist philosophies, hugely contrarian in both Canada (we're mostly social democrats but Rush is highly respected) and in rock'n'roll. The 2112 epic concept album is more space / future rock than politics, but saving the seeds of individualism remains a strong theme.

Citizens of Cleveland may want to take matters into their own hands and plan for celebrations. Book Rush to do a live presentation of their 2112 album during the Summer Solstice week of 2012, around June 21st, and then let the Hall know it's time to let the good times roll.

KISS and Rush are probably the two most deserving bands not in the Rock Hall of Fame yet, and if I were Cleveland Mayor I would demand they both get in asap; KISS has an army, and Rush has a country...

Yuya Joe College
Toronto, Canada

Monday, February 22, 2010

Preliminary analysis of King Tut's DNA results

Yuya, Tuya and King Tutankhamun

The recently released (Feb2010) DNA results for late 18th Dynasty mummies has proven up the family relations to such a degree that it makes for additional conclusions beyond those provided directly by the data.

Major direct conclusions of the February 2010 DNA results are:

Yuya and Tuya are parents of:

Queen Tiye

Yuya is a close relative of:

Amenhotep III

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye (Elder Lady) are parents of:

KV55 mummy, which is most likely:


The conclusion of study head Zawi Hawass is that the KV 55 mummy / skeleton is that of Akhenaten, due to both the parentage (Amenhotep III / Queen Tiye) and the revised estimated age at death.

Less likely:


The KV55 mummy / skeleton was originally thought by many researchers to be that of Smenkhkare, but that's when the age of the bones was initially thought to be 25 to 26 years old. The recent study indicates an age range that could be from 4o to 60, and so far this is perhaps the most controversial aspect of the Egyptian study.

Younger Lady (Kiya) is daughter of Amenhotep III and Tiye, meaning she is full sister to Akhenaten.

KV55 mummy and Younger Lady (Kiya) are parents of:

King Tutankhamun

Now let's look at the Biblical names of these 18th Dynasty luminaries.

Names of Yuya

Ashurnasirpal II, Tushratta, Yuya, Joseph, Yusuf, Abishalom, Dushratta, Abdi-Ashratu, Abdi Ashirta, Abdi-Ashstarte, Omri, Khumry, Ghomri, Cymry, Reuel the Midianite, Imram, Amram, Jethbo, Bar Hadad, Ben Hadad, Uriel, Irhuleni, Nebat I, Ithobaal, Elkunirsa, Ashur-nadin-ahhe, Eriba-Adad II, Kadashman-Enlil, Laius, Menoikeus

Names of Tuya

Queen Asherah aka Asenath Ashratu Tuya
(aka Athirat, Ashtart, Ishtar, Elat, Asertu, Ashtoreth, Hertu, Qudshu, Qodesh, Pyhi, Hanna, Edna, Jochebed, Ashratum, Atharath, Astoreth, Elath, Eliat and Qaniyatu Elima

Names of Amenhotep III

Solomon / Shalom / Shlomo

It has not yet been determined whether the other Solomon, Shalmaneser III / Salman / Shalim, was in fact a later life (after 40) identity of Amenhotep, or was his cousin Aanen playing the role of peacemaker for the Eastern tribes. If Aanen was Shalmaneser, then Amenhotep III has to be looked at as a potential early-mid life identity of Aye.

Names of Queen Tiye, The Elder Lady

Queen Tiye aka Zipporah / Jochebed / Jezebel / Joacaste / Merope / Naamah / Anath / Makeda / Queen of Sheba

Names of Akhenaten

Moses II, Musa, Rehoboam, Amenhotep IV, Nefer-kheperu-re-wa-en-Re

Names of Smenkhkare

Elijah, Abijah, Eliezer

Names of Queen Kiya, The Younger Lady

Queen Kiya aka Kiye / Mery-amon / Mery-amun / Meriamon / Miriam / Princess Sitamun

Kiya is a wonderfully beautiful contraction of the names of her grandparents, with grandmom on her daddy's Davidic / Tribe of Judah side being Kilu-heba / Mutemwiya, and her grandma on her momma's side being Thuya.

As mother of the new Joshua, her name Mery-Amun foreshadowed Mariamne, mother of the 3rd and final Joshua, Jesus Jeshua Aristobulus, Our Christ of the New Testament.

Names of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun, Tutankhaten, Elisha, Joshua II, Gershom

Additional conclusions:

Mutemwiya is Yuya's sister

The first conclusion beyond those directly provided by the data concerns Mutemwiya, the mother of Amenhotep III who has been considered to be a Mittanni Princess, and possibly even a sister of Yuya. The DNA proves that it is very likely she was a full sister, as Yuya and Amenhotep share 6 of 8 DNA markers. Amenhotep married Yu's daughter Tiye (Elder Lady), so Yuya Joseph was Amenhotep III / Solomon's uncle in addition to being his father-in-law and adoptive dad after King David Thutmose IV passed on.

Names of Queen Mutemwiya

Queen Mutemwiya aka Bath-shua, Bathsheba / Dinah / (Gilu-Hepa / Kilu-Heba)

It's been just under a week since the results were released, so I will post additional information as the analysis develops further.

Peace 2 All,

Yuya Joe College

Saturday, February 6, 2010

1979 Part Two; The Smiling Buddha and Utopian Anarchy

The Buddha was the place to hang out and the stage to perform on, a clubhouse for Vancouver punks where DOA were Gods that walked and drank among us regular folk. By this time I had found a heavy metal guitarist from Toronto named George who wanted to give punk a try, and we clicked immediately with Claude, a thundering hard rock drummer from Montreal. After seeing Rachel perform with her band at a rent party in a local warehouse, we were determined to get her to join the Reactors. Though her life partner and drummer Connie was nervous about the idea, Rachel was enthusiastic and joined us while still rehearsing and performing in the group she shared with Connie.

We were fortunate to get some opening gigs for bands like the wild and woolly K-Tels (later the called Young Canadians), the fast-paced and perky Modernettes and the brilliantly vicious Subhumans, and the Smiling Buddha was our showcase. One night there I met a gorgeous young Native Canadian gal who really helped my acceptance into the scene, and though she was the girlfriend of the singer in another band, I was to learn that their relationship was a mature, open one.

Dreamita and I hit it off and she offered to give me a haircut and I thought that sounded pretty cool. After a few moments of silence, I enquired, "how much do you charge?" and she blushed and had a shocked though coy look on her face when she shot back "what are you talking about?" and I immediately replied "the haircut! You said you wanted to cut my hair" and we both laughed really hard.

Later at the afterparty we chatted a bit and when it was time for me to leave she asked it it was okay to walk along with me, as she didn't want to walk alone. We strolled along together and I asked where she lived and was willing to go in that direction but as we came to the crucial intersection she insisted that we walk by my place first, as she enjoyed walking and I accepted it at that. When we arrived at the driveway in front of my small upstairs apartment, she quietly asked if it would be alright if she spent the night with me, as she no longer felt like walking. My heart skipped a beat and then was thundering my blood along as I held her hand while we walked up the stairs.

I had thought she was Asian, but she informed me of her Native Canadian ancestry, and though we were of similar age, myself twenty-one and her nineteen, she was probably about four feet eleven inches tall, and maybe ninety-five pounds, while I was six-foot three and a skinny one hundred and seventy pounds. We embraced and shared some long wet kisses as I began to caress her body and feel her energy. Temperatures rose quickly, and soon we were in my bed...

A half hour or so after that first session, I was ready but baby just wanted me to go to sleep, and promised me more lovemaking in the morning, and she kept her word.

Walking into town she commented on how "sophisticated" I was, and though I felt myself to be mostly uncultured, I had been a great student of humanity and so maybe it was that making me seem so experienced.

Arriving at the punk house, I saw my friend Dave Gregg (then of Private School but later a key member of DOA's greatest lineup, along with Joey, Randy and Chuck) pulling copper from the abandoned house next store, and in the living room of the house there was a full PA, amp and drums setup for band rehearsal. I asked a punk in the room, "who practices here?" and there were a few moments of silence while he gauged my trustworthiness. "DOA," he replied, and let the power of the words hang in the air.

I got my second punk haircut that day, and was now a part of the inner circle of the Vancouver punk rock scene.

Age of the Goddess; Queens of the Ninth Century BC

(Photo: Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye)

I am working on an article / post about the world-changing Queens that reigned from the beginning of the 9th Century BC right up to the early decades of the 8th Century BC, and their sons and daughters became the leaders of the People of the Book. Here are some excerpts from the forthcoming, still-developing piece:

While studying the relatives of 18th Dynasty luminary Yuya, I came to realize that in addition to the Chosen males who are remembered vividly in the Bible, the women of this era also left a profound impact on our world, from religion to culture to politics to trade. Many people have wondered who the primary characters of the Old Testament were, and in recent years significant research (primarily by Charles Pope of www.DomainOfMan.com ) has been published online.

If you read the foundational material on his website, you can learn about the Biblical identities of most 18th Dynasty leading lights, as well as their appearances in Greek mythology, and the re-occurrences of the archetypes during the Persian and Herodian eras. Pope's extensive research on the Egyptian and Greek identities of major Biblical figures also draws on and fleshes out the breakthrough work by Ahmed Osman, David Rohl and Robert Eisenman, all of whom I also believe are worthwhile and sometimes crucial sources. The California Institute for Ancient Studies has made a clear case for Yuya being Ashurnasirpal, and they have been an inspirational source. Still, most of the research has focused on the male personalities and their role, but in the case of the Royal Women whose offspring became the Chosen People, the People of the Book, they have spent very little time in the spotlight.

These Ladies of the 18th Dynasty in Egypt and Assyrian / Mittanni royal courts, became the Founding Mothers of the People of the Book, and centuries later another descendant, Salome Alexandra, would herself anchor a Hasmonean Dynasty that led directly to Herod's Dynasty which gave the world Christianity, and their bloodlines, and the Armenian connection, may in fact lead all the way to Heraclius and Muhammad and the roots of Islam. So, please give these gals some serious attention.
The Ninth Century BC is bracketed by 2 royal queenies that together are the inspiration for "Queen of Heaven" devotion that my man Jeremiah (a man for these times, gotta love him!!!) so lamented. Queen Asenath was better known as Asherah and her grandson's wife Queen Shammurammat lived on as Semiramis, but the Queen of Heaven was the moniker they both shared that lives on forever.

This is how the Seven Queens ruled Middle Earth and Egypt for a century and more:

Queen Atarah, Wife of Jacob, Mother of Joseph

Queen Mutemwiya, Wife of King David / Thutmose IV
Mother of Solomon by Joseph

Queen Asherah, Mother of Queen Tiye, Wife of Joseph

Queen Tiye, Wife of Amenhotep, Mother of Akhenaten

Queen Nefertiti, Wife of Akhenaten (Moses II)

Queen Kiya, Wife of Akhenaten, Mother of Tutankhamun

Queen Shammuramat, Wife of Machir / King Shamshi-Adad V
Mother of Gilead / Galaad (Adad-Nirari III)

A few notes on each:

Queen Atarah, Wife of Jacob, Mother of Joseph

Queen Atarah, aka Rachel, Basemath, Merit-Amon, Merytamen
daughter of Ishmael / Thuthmosis III and Meryt-Re'-Hatshepsut
- wife of Esau first, and then Jacob
- mother of Onam Yuya Tushratta
- mother of Benjamin

Names of Mother of Yuya Joseph:

Rachel, aka Basemath / Bosmath (daughter of Ishmael), Atarah, Merit-Amon
- granddaughter of Abraham and Hagar
- dad is Ishmael /
- mom is Ribah / Meribah / Merybah
- sister of brothers Nebayoth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam (Book of Jasher)

Sister of Leah / Abijah / Tia / Mehtenweskhet (Mother of King David / Thutmose IV / Judah / Nemuel / Nimlot)

Rachel married the biological father of Joseph and the his adoptive, royal father:

Potential adoptive father: Jacob / Israel / Amenhotep II / Sheshonq I,

Potential biological father: Shuttarna II / Tukulti-Ninurta / Esau / Ashur-nadin-ahhe / Eriba-Adad

Queen Mutemwiya, Wife of King David / Thutmose IV

Queen Mutemwiya aka Bath-shua, Bathsheba / Dinah / (Gilu-Hepa / Kilu-Heba)

- wife of Thutmose IV (King David) (Mutemwiya was niece of her husband)

- mother of Amenhotep III (Solomon) with Yuya Joseph

Queen Asherah, Mother of Queen Tiye

Queen Asherah aka Asenath Ashratu Tuya (aka Athirat, Ashtart, Ishtar, Elat, Asertu, Ashtoreth, Hertu, Qudshu, Qodesh, Pyhi)

- daughter of dad Potiphera (read Pharaoh Poti, Thutmose IV / King David) and mom Queen Iaret-Wadjet
- wife of Yuya Joseph Tushratta (aka Yusuf / Asurnasirpal)
- mother of Queen Tiye Zipporah (Queen of Sheba)
- mother of Prince Aanen Manasseh (aka Shaulmaneser III / Amenhotep III / Solomon / King of Kings)
- mother or stepmother of Aye Ephraim

In the political / military world, Tuya Asherah's daughter Tiye was wife to two Pharaoh's, plus mother of two and grandmother of at least one (Tutankhamun).

In the spiritual realm, Asherah's memory was melded with and eclipsed by (in the pantheon of Goddesses) her granddaughter-in-law, Queen Shammuramat / Semiramis, who founded the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and created a lasting monument to her own name, "Heaven in the Sands" (Shammu-ramat). Tuya / Asherah's sons Aye (Ephraim) and Aanen (Manasseh) and their progeny more than made up for her fade from memory, as they and the Chosen changed the world forever.

The 9th Century BC will come to be viewed as the true beginning of monotheism, resulting from a melding of Egyptian / Ethiopian rites and teachings with those of Assyria / Mittanni, even then without insulting Mesopotamian / Babylonian ancestors. The Sun King Akhenaten professed worship of One God, and the Century of Peace between David and Joseph created the faith we know as Judaism, and laid the foundations for the emergence of Christianity in the First Century AD and Islam in the 7th Century AD.

Queen Tiye, Wife of Amenhotep, Mother of Akhenaten

Queen Tiye aka Zipporah / Jochebed / Jezebel / Joacaste / Merope / Naamah
- wife of Amenhotep III, Solomon, with him:
- mother of son Akhenaten / Amenhotep IV / Moses II (Solomon may be "royal" father of Akhenaten, while bio-dad would then be Yuya Joseph

- as Jezebel, mother of daughter Athaliah, herself mother of King Azahiah and grandmom of King Joash and of Queen Jehoaddan, Wife of King Josiah

- mother of daughter Sitamun
- mother of daughter Henuttaneb
- mother of daughter Hentymerheb
- mother of daughter Isis / Iset
- mother of daughter Nebetah (possibly Athaliah, neb-etah)
- mother of Bakytaten
- - grandmother of Tutankhamun Joshua

According to Charles Pope, "Queen Tiye patterned herself after Hatshepsut and Hatshepsut herself was looking to at least one earlier great queen as a role model, specifically Nefrusobek of the 12th Dynasty who also was declared a pharaoh." (ReadHatshepsut, the Hyskos, and the Exodus)

Queen Tiye's husband Sol-Amenhotep III is in fact Shalmaneser III who is Shaul Manasseh, overstanding Solomon / Shalom as the western/southern / Egyptian/Ethiopian/Judean remembrance, Aaron as the northern / Israel memory and Salman / Manasseh / Shalim as the eastern / Assyrian/Mittanni manifestation of the same King. The west remembers the wisdom and the era of Peace, the north remembers the crucial role of a Joseph-quality Vizier, and the East knew well that the the Two Lands no longer meant Upper and Lower Nile, but rather Egypt and Mittanni, and they had to be the fiercest of warriors to maintain a unified front. Control of the center of the world (Medi-Terranean meaning Middle Earth) meant that others would bow their knee.

As the reigning warrior side of our lifetime heroes are hidden in Western / Judaic / Christian teachings, does that mean that to some degree the peaceful and loving side of these same humans has been hidden from Eastern disciples of The Prophet?

Oh what a predicament we're in...

Queen Nefertiti, Wife of Akhenaten

Nefertiti, Beautiful Wife of the Sun King

Queen Nefertiti aka Miriam (Daughter of Aye / Ephraim and Karamat; Graddaughter of King David)
- daughter of Taduhepa, mom (herself daughter of Yuya) and

- wife of Akhenaten, with who she had six daughters
- mother of daughter Meritaten (Meritaten TaSherit and Ankhesenpaaten TaSherit are twin daughters of Meriaten and Smenkhkare)
- mother of daughter Meketaten
- mother of daughter Ankhesenpaaten / Ankhesenamen
- mother of daughter Neferneferuaten
- mother of daughter Neferneferure
- mother of daughter Setepenre

Queen Kiya, Wife of Akhenaten, Mother of Tutankhamun

Queen Kiya aka Kiye / Mery-amon / Mery-amun / Meriamon / Miriam
possible daughter of Aye and Tiye, also possibly a sister or daughter of Yuya Tushratta
- wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, to whom she bore two sons
- mother of Prince Smenkhare
- mother of Pharaoh Tutankhamun Joshua

Even though Kiya is shrouded in mystery, if she was the biological mother of Tutankhamun, biblical boy-king Joshua II, then as Mery-Amun, she was the prototype for a later Mariamne, mom of Jeshua Aristobulus remembered as the Roman Catholic Goddess The Virgin Mary.

The most likely scenario is that Kiya / Kiye is Meritre, daughter of Tiye and reported mother of Tutankhamun. This would make Kiya an early child (perhaps first child, by a royal lover) of Solomon's first wife Tiye, and would mean that Kiya became her "royal" daddy's sixth and final official Egyptian wife (his Eastern wives are still quite hidden).

If so, who's Kiya's bio-daddy? She was important enough to become the Favourite Wife of Moses Akhenaten, and likely brought the Sun King two shining sons of his own, Smenkhare and Tutankhamun. Tiye's / Jezebel's first husband / genetic liaison would have to be a major figure in a line from Abraham...

Queen Shammuramat, Wife of Machir / King Shamshi-Adad V

Shammu-ramat as Semiramis

Mother of Gilead / Galaad (Adad-Nirari III)

Queen Shammuramat aka Semiramis / Maachah / Maacah / Derket
By legend (semiramis), daughter of "Fish Goddess" Artagatis / Artegatis, indicating she may have been a granddaughter of Artatama, Isaac / Is-haq.

Cephelion states that Belimus / Belochus was the father of Semiramis II, and that his reign began in the 640th year from Ninus or the 702nd year of the Assyrian Empire. In terms of BC chronology? She seems to fit in towards the end of the 25 Assyrian Kings of Abydenus, which would put her in the right era to be the wife of Machir, Shamshi- Adad V, son of Salmanessah.

- daughter of dad Talmai, King of Geshur / (Belimus / Belochus)
- daughter of mom Abital? /
- Living Wife of Shamshi-Adad V (Machir)
- mother of Adad-Nirari III (Absalom?)
- sister of Shephatiah

Considering this fine Lady was the daughter of King Talmai (compare with Talmud) and the mother Absalom, she carried forth the prime Eastern line and also played a role in the emerging Israel and Judah to the West.

Queen Shammuramat (Greek / Persian = Semiramis), builder of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Eight Wonders of the Ancient World, and an apothecary for beauty, healing and vitality (eg. cosmetics and medicines), as she used the flowers and herbs to make resins, balms and oils for royal beautification and for the healing of her people the nearby nations. King Ashoka in India planted similar gardens circa 250 BC, but this was 500 years before that, a testament to her forward-thinking, beneficient leadership.

Queen Shammu-ramat (Heaven in the Sands) is the most recent and powerful manifestation of the Queen of Heaven, in a role played two generations earlier by her husband's grandmother, and after that there was a gap in the East while Queen Tiye was strongest in the West, and it was a combo of these gals who was worshipped as a Goddess by 6th century BC folk, invoking the wrath of Jeremiah.

"Besides," the women added, "do you suppose that we were burning incense and pouring out liquid offerings to the Queen of Heaven, and making cakes marked with her image, without our husbands knowing it and helping us? Of course not!" - Jeremiah 44:19

So do not pray for this people nor offer any plea or petition for them; do not plead with me, for I will not listen to you. 17 Do you not see what they are doing in the towns of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem? 18 The children gather wood, the fathers light the fire, and the women knead the dough and make cakes of bread for the Queen of Heaven. They pour out drink offerings to other gods to provoke me to anger. 19 But am I the one they are provoking? declares the LORD. Are they not rather harming themselves, to their own shame? - Jeremiah 7:16-19

Peace 2 All

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