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Monday, February 22, 2010

Preliminary analysis of King Tut's DNA results

Yuya, Tuya and King Tutankhamun

The recently released (Feb2010) DNA results for late 18th Dynasty mummies has proven up the family relations to such a degree that it makes for additional conclusions beyond those provided directly by the data.

Major direct conclusions of the February 2010 DNA results are:

Yuya and Tuya are parents of:

Queen Tiye

Yuya is a close relative of:

Amenhotep III

Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye (Elder Lady) are parents of:

KV55 mummy, which is most likely:


The conclusion of study head Zawi Hawass is that the KV 55 mummy / skeleton is that of Akhenaten, due to both the parentage (Amenhotep III / Queen Tiye) and the revised estimated age at death.

Less likely:


The KV55 mummy / skeleton was originally thought by many researchers to be that of Smenkhkare, but that's when the age of the bones was initially thought to be 25 to 26 years old. The recent study indicates an age range that could be from 4o to 60, and so far this is perhaps the most controversial aspect of the Egyptian study.

Younger Lady (Kiya) is daughter of Amenhotep III and Tiye, meaning she is full sister to Akhenaten.

KV55 mummy and Younger Lady (Kiya) are parents of:

King Tutankhamun

Now let's look at the Biblical names of these 18th Dynasty luminaries.

Names of Yuya

Ashurnasirpal II, Tushratta, Yuya, Joseph, Yusuf, Abishalom, Dushratta, Abdi-Ashratu, Abdi Ashirta, Abdi-Ashstarte, Omri, Khumry, Ghomri, Cymry, Reuel the Midianite, Imram, Amram, Jethbo, Bar Hadad, Ben Hadad, Uriel, Irhuleni, Nebat I, Ithobaal, Elkunirsa, Ashur-nadin-ahhe, Eriba-Adad II, Kadashman-Enlil, Laius, Menoikeus

Names of Tuya

Queen Asherah aka Asenath Ashratu Tuya
(aka Athirat, Ashtart, Ishtar, Elat, Asertu, Ashtoreth, Hertu, Qudshu, Qodesh, Pyhi, Hanna, Edna, Jochebed, Ashratum, Atharath, Astoreth, Elath, Eliat and Qaniyatu Elima

Names of Amenhotep III

Solomon / Shalom / Shlomo

It has not yet been determined whether the other Solomon, Shalmaneser III / Salman / Shalim, was in fact a later life (after 40) identity of Amenhotep, or was his cousin Aanen playing the role of peacemaker for the Eastern tribes. If Aanen was Shalmaneser, then Amenhotep III has to be looked at as a potential early-mid life identity of Aye.

Names of Queen Tiye, The Elder Lady

Queen Tiye aka Zipporah / Jochebed / Jezebel / Joacaste / Merope / Naamah / Anath / Makeda / Queen of Sheba

Names of Akhenaten

Moses II, Musa, Rehoboam, Amenhotep IV, Nefer-kheperu-re-wa-en-Re

Names of Smenkhkare

Elijah, Abijah, Eliezer

Names of Queen Kiya, The Younger Lady

Queen Kiya aka Kiye / Mery-amon / Mery-amun / Meriamon / Miriam / Princess Sitamun

Kiya is a wonderfully beautiful contraction of the names of her grandparents, with grandmom on her daddy's Davidic / Tribe of Judah side being Kilu-heba / Mutemwiya, and her grandma on her momma's side being Thuya.

As mother of the new Joshua, her name Mery-Amun foreshadowed Mariamne, mother of the 3rd and final Joshua, Jesus Jeshua Aristobulus, Our Christ of the New Testament.

Names of Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun, Tutankhaten, Elisha, Joshua II, Gershom

Additional conclusions:

Mutemwiya is Yuya's sister

The first conclusion beyond those directly provided by the data concerns Mutemwiya, the mother of Amenhotep III who has been considered to be a Mittanni Princess, and possibly even a sister of Yuya. The DNA proves that it is very likely she was a full sister, as Yuya and Amenhotep share 6 of 8 DNA markers. Amenhotep married Yu's daughter Tiye (Elder Lady), so Yuya Joseph was Amenhotep III / Solomon's uncle in addition to being his father-in-law and adoptive dad after King David Thutmose IV passed on.

Names of Queen Mutemwiya

Queen Mutemwiya aka Bath-shua, Bathsheba / Dinah / (Gilu-Hepa / Kilu-Heba)

It's been just under a week since the results were released, so I will post additional information as the analysis develops further.

Peace 2 All,

Yuya Joe College

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