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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Transit of Venus in June 2012; A Portent of Change?

The transit of Venus set for June 6, 2012 is the 13th repetition of the pattern since a time of global calamity circa 1160-1150 BC. As the transit happens in two pairs eight years apart, spaced by about 121.5 years and 105.5 years, the full cycle repeats every 243 years. The problem arising is that if you count back another 13 cycles (243.39 x 13) or 3,164 years, and then repeat this process back through history, it seems as if the 13th Transit of Venus may cause global climate effects.

With the date of a major global calamity and famine occurring around 1159 BC, it is fascinating to note that is halfway between the Transits of Venus that took place in 1155 BC and 1163 BC. Here is a truly GREAT History of Transits of Venus link from NASA:

NASA webpage History Catalog of Transits of Venus from 2000 BCE to 4000 CE

The Mayans were well aware of the path of Venus, but I have not yet been able to ascertain whether the Mayan Calendar and their Cycles of Venus incorporate knowledge of transits. For their calendar to end on December 21st, 2012, the winter solstice in the year of the transit of Venus, indicates to me that they may have understood better than we what was and is coming.

If debris (space rocks) within the gravitational pull of Venus comes into contact with Earth's greater pull, it is possible that metallic meteors may be pulled into our atmosphere, via gravity or polar magnetism (many meteorites have landed in Antarctica) or a combo of both, and that we would also crash into a certain number (rock meteors) as we circumnavigate the sun so near to our sister planet.

The key may be a combination of how many meteors hit, how big they are, what angles they hit at and whether they impact primarily on land or on water. If they hit land they have an effect similar to a large volcanic eruption; they tend to blot out the sun for awhile, cooling the planet by plunging it into darkness (btw, what's the shelf-life of Vitamin D??). If they land on water, moisture in the atmosphere will increase, plus there could be tsunamis and rising temperatures.

My thoughts are this: If the 13th pair of Venus Transits has historically been a time of global climactic upheaval, then we may be getting hit by meteors powerful enough that they will also trigger volcanoes and earthquakes, and many if not most will claim it is the end of the world. Let's hope it's an end to the rampant falsity, and the beginning of an era of increasing rather than diminishing biodiversity. If we do have to orbit through some rough skies, my hope is that the impacts will be distributed between land and water in a ratio that ensures and possibly benefits human and other mammal survival over the next few millennia.

The Twenty-teenies should be a fascinating decade, and regardless of whether 2012 becomes another Y2K, it's clear that 2011 preparations for 2012 are going to make 1999 look like a children's birthday party. Home generators, biomass digesters, full spectrum lighting; look for survival products to be a key driver of the USA economy.

The debate over global warming will become moot as humans begin to understand toxicity, and green energy investments will continue to be popular for as China is rapidly learning with its support for solar energy and renewable power, if you can find ways to stop using toxic energy, it does a lot to clean up the industrial process, and eventually, our air and water.

As the decade rolls on, humanikind will overstand that the consummate solution is not merely global cooling, but more precisely planetary detoxification.

Peace 2 all.

13JAN10 Note: I have posted a major expansion of this post on January 12; please see Does 2012 Transit of Venus foreshadow global climate change?

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