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Friday, September 23, 2011

Ahmadinejad or Berlusconi; Who is the Biggest ASS?

The Jerk versus The Knight for Supreme Asshole designation

It's a tough call:

Ahmadinejad, The Jerk, spits some powerful history lessons regarding colonialism and slavery, then fucks it all up with his Holocaust and 9/11 conspiracy theories. Denying the Holocaust and the reality of 9/11 is a way of saying Hitler wasn't that bad, and Bin Laden not so accomplished, and both are delusional or disingenuous positions.

I can't stand this guy however considering that he's caught between the Mullahs and the Man on the Street, you do have to admire his plucky resilience.

Berlusconi, The Knight, appears to be spiraling out of control. Sure Italy is the capital of the Sacred and the Profane, but SB takes the latter too far for public consumption. His objectification of women is not appropriate for a national leader of a developed country, and must be increasingly embarrassing to Italians, particularly women.

I'm sure most guys are a bit jealous of his orgies and young sex partners however he is not a rock star, but the leader of an important nation.

Readers are invited to comment below on which of these two they feel is the BIGGEST ASSHOLE, and feel free to offer additional suggestions!

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