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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

John Lennon's testimony at Canada's Ledain Commission

For those unaware of the importance of the LeDain Commission, this panel of experts advised decriminalization of cannabis in 1972, after three years of hearings and studies. While researching certain aspects of the Commission this evening, I was pleased to come across the testimony of John Lennon at Canada's LeDain Commission into the Non-medical Use of Drugs.

Here below are some poignant excerpts; please enjoy and and share John's inspiration and wisdom.

John Lennon speaking to LeDain Commission in Canada

One thing that can be said about marijuana is that it's non-violent, and if any government wanted to use it to calm the people, they have got the ultimate weapon, and there wouldn't be any Saturday night crowds and Saturday night football fights.

Marijuana was the main thing that promoted non-violence amongst the youth, because as soon as they have it, they -- first of all you have to laugh on your first experiences. It's a community thing, and nothing would ever stop it, nothing on earth is going to stop it, and the only thing to do is to find out how to use it for good, for the best.

When we stick posters 'round saying "War is Over if You Want it", what we're trying to promote is an awareness in people of how much power they do have, and not to rely on government, or leader, or teacher so much that they're all passive or automatons, and that initial after effect of the drug scene has to be regenerated.

They have to have new hope, but everybody's looking for goals and answers, and youth especially, and what we're trying to tell them is "You are the goal!"

Nobody on earth can do it for you. Whatever you want, you must do it yourself.

Full testimony of John Lennon at Canada's LeDain Commission into the Non-medical Use of Drugs

While I am pleased to be able to read John's testimony, the fact that all of Yoko Ono's words are blacked out (as she is living) means that some of Lennon's remarks cannot be fully understood in their naked context, as Yoko has so often provided wonderful counterpoints, demonstrating their insightful rapport. The big black sections are a mystery to be solved far in the future...

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