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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Josephes work in progress, 2nd draft of first chapter

On my Solar-Intelligence Blog I am writing a novel live on the web, and here is the 2nd draft of the first chapter, comprised of slightly edited versions of the first few posts:

My Life, Legacy, and the Progress of Rome

The past century has been a tumultous time for Romans, yet if we do not understand how we got in such a mess, we will have little opportunity to build upon the progress of recent years. I envision a succession of quality Emperors who rise to their position not by virtue of the birth of their father, though some of Us have been blessed in this regard, but rather by the wisdom of their leadership and ability to handle governance.

I, your Emperor Nerva Josephes, have lived a long and fruitful life, and I have learned from the masters of this past century and our foreparents before Us; may I share some wisdom with you? I wrote out the history of my people for posterity, for a clear and positive view on the Chosen from the days of Egypt and Ethiopia, unto Babylon and Persia, Israel and Palestine, Greece and Rome. My versions were challenged publicly two decades later by my brother, who had more orthodox leanings than myself and had a clear axe to grind. I love Jeshua Justus Junior as much as anyone, but my brother can be emotional and anybody who feels it knows it.

Though my mother was among the earliest and strongest of the faithful, her teachings are already being obscured and women are not fully being credited for their contributions to the emerging Christian canon. In the coming pages I will take you back to Our upbringing in Galilee, schooling in Rome, Athens and Alexandria, and best of all, Our family trips to Briton! Further along, I will shed some light upon the origins of some of my father's teachings, re-describe some of the events I wrote about in Antiquities in a more personal way, and discuss the fall of Jerusalem and how Our family saved many thousands of lives with peace treaties, even though we were unable to save JeruSalem Herself.

I will write about the madness of growing up in Nero's era (I still love the fool but it's sad that he was corrupted by power before being able to grow into the man he could have become...), being favoured by Vespatian (the good uncle...) and then persecuted by Domitian (the difficult uncle). It may not be polite in Roman social circles to discuss our failures openly but we know everyone does it privately, so let's air it out and make Rome and the Empire into a truly just society, worthy of our noblest efforts and a joy for all her citizens. you may feel this is utopian, but even four hundred years ago Ashoka proved in India and Kushan that a powerful country could have a non-aggressive stance and enjoy prosperity through productivity and trade. The medicinal gardens and watering stations along public roadways did much to endear Ashoka to his own people and to international travellers.

Finally, this business of halakah, The Way, The Life. Many are embracing the newer version of The Way that has merged with many other people's and faiths (Mandeans, Theraputae, Essenes) to become what are now called Christians. Even among the hardcore orthodox brethren, many are accepting the victory of The Way over the Temple worship and other formalities of Palestinian Judaism, as the emerging Rabbinical traditions have grown out of Pharisaic perception while obliterating both Pharisee and Sadducee residue; the Chosen of the Torah are also reborn, and the emerging Talmud is explicit proof of that. I always felt good about helping bury those scrolls, as things had grown bitter and even as a teenager I knew it was time to find God and good in the world we live in.

The Way embodies the higher spirits of the Essenes, the Mandaeans, the Theraputae and carries the torch for the Children of the Light. The Perfection of the Way was influenced deeply by the rigorous yet peaceful Essenes, whose full members recited this oath after 3 years as an Initiate:

Essene Mantra

I shall love God and be just to my fellow man
I will not harm another, either of my own mind
Or at the command of another’s orders
I shall forever hate the unjust and will battle for the just
I will share my faith with all men, regardless of rank or origin
I shall accept responsibility proudly, never abusing the benefits of privilege
I will dress humbly, always loving truth, and exposing liars

It is undeniable that I was blessed with the opportunity to grow up in a family headed by Jeshua and Salome, my parents from Heaven. I know it is the fashion to be modest in one's writing, and I have attempted to do so with all my historical tomes, but at this late stage of my time on earth I will attempt to be as honest as is possible. My father Jeshua Mathias and my mom Salome Mariam were as well regarded as any royal couple in all of Middle Earth, and even in Gaul and Briton Our family is revered, beyond even what is known in Rome and Athens.

My dad learned Greek and Egyptian medicine and studied Eastern mysticism, and He knew the healing remedies from many lands, from Ethiopia to Egypt to Kushan and India, from Gaul and Germany to Spain and Rome, from the Brook of Kanah to the banks of the Ganjah River. He was more than a teacher; he was like a spirit doctor, a truly magical rejuvenator of life, and his incredible restorative powers work unto this day, as I try with the power of all my ancestors to muster up some of his massive generosity of spirit as I write out the scroll you are reading in your hands.

When my parents married they each thanked Our foreparents and Jah Above, and my father stated they both felt blessed beyond belief, and that "God is ever gracious", and that he and my mom "know and feel that they are meant to represent unity for millennia; Our love is just that strong." It was said and written that people were crying with joy, and the hills and the valleys lit up with much fanfare and celebration.

When I went through some difficult days as a young man, I remembered my father in Galilee and Chalcis. At the time my dad Ari had been feeling a lot of anger, at being away from his mom (my Grandma Mariamne who went to Rome after the divorce), and at the way people were treating one another. He was often displeased with his own father’s (my Grampa Herod of Challcis) unresponsiveness, a perceived reluctance to intervene in situations where the younger, bolder Ari Jesh thought my granddad could make a difference. His schooling and early business dealings in Alexandria and Athens had mellowed and matured him, and it was during those years that he had his last major problems with authority; this was long past his sometimes exaggerated battles with Pilate as a teen. Most of the accusers from his youth would later bow down before him, and he held no grudge or grievance against those who knew not the errors of their ways.

Among the Greeks my father is considered a magoi, a mejooseean, what the Persians term a moghan, and the Brits call a magician, but a dearly beloved magoi he is to them. Some in Athens even refer to him as Jah Zeus Chrystos, the Great God Anointed, even Alexander returned; Horus of Egypt, Hercules of Greece!

My mother wrote much of her work under the name of Johann, the title givem to Phillip II, her first husband and the natural father of my older brother Timothy Herod. She is considered a paragon of the faithful, Mariam of the Tower, the Scarlet thread by which my life has been a spiritual well of fortune, and her and my dad had many inspiring years together.

I believe I have chosen my parents well...

Most of my early life was spent in Chalcis and Galilee, with regular trips to Jerusalem and Rome. There was always a lot of fanfare around my older brother Herod Timothy because of his adoption by Agrippa the Younger, but my brother and I had our share of opportunity and blessings.

My first given name was Agrippa Josephus Aristobulus (often called Yuya by my folks); my little brother Jeshua Justus Aristobulus was the third son born to Ari and Salome, at least by the official story. The inner core let people believe that the first son was from Philip Jahn...few knew the full story.

It was customary for royal women of this era to have their first child out of wedlock or with an arranged husband, as this was one way to ensure a multiplicity of regal, in this case Herodian / Maccabean, bloodlines. Regardless, I was there; Herod Timothy was raised as if he were Ari’s own son, and he was my true brother unto his untimely death.

My dad had been adopted at a relatively young age, and he was a toddler when his mother married Prince Joseph Polli (later King Herod of Chalcis), so he knew how important family would be to Tim’s life and career. When my brother Timothy was appointed Crown Prince at nine years old by being officially adopted by Prince Agrippa, he still lived with Us and was generally treated no differently than Justus and myself and our sister Tamara.

To all observers and to themselves, Ari and Salome had three sons, and together with T we were a tight family for over two decades. My aunt Berenice often took Tim to Jerusalem, and sometimes myself or Justus got to go, with her or with mom and dad, or uncle James.

If you have read otherwise just disregard the nonsense for Tim was my brother and one of the most devout disciples of the Way, and carried on his father's teachings in a most respectable and straightforward manner. As much as anyone, Timothy’s allegiance was always to our dad Aristobulus, and later, to brothers James and Paul and the community that followed Jeshua's creed of healing, sharing, peace, freedom and equality.

Regarding my brother, Justus of Tiberias; don't you be acting so innocent, it's not like we didn't leave you lots of clues. Why do you think we argued over the royal jewels in Tiberias, during a time of great peril, and who else would have the foresight and wisdom to challenge my view of things? The only quibble I have with my brother is that I rarely saw him in the decade before his book came out, and most of the places where he contradicts my work are really in the eye of the beholder. While it's true that mom and I went more fully over to the Roman side than he did, the fanatics who killed our father were also destroying Jerusalem and the nation. Besides, our mediation, and negotiation of several key peace treaties, saved tens of thousands of lives and much livestock, acreage and orchards, and the remnants of Judea we helped preserve became the seeds of the settlements now flourishing in Samaria and Galilee.. Where the Romans found greatest resistance, they laid land to waste...

In the beginning my brother Jesh Justus Jr. and I were as close as could be, far closer to each other than to Tim. Justus looked up to me, and I always found him to be brilliant and funny, and a joy to be around. I remember the first time I took him to Briton, that summer was great fun and the fishing was splendid. Between family trips and individual excursions with dad, mom, myself, brother Tim and uncles Paul and James, Justus had seen much of the Empire before turning fifteen. Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, gaul, Germany and Briton were all places where we had welcoming relatives.

The fact that he shared my father's burden of being the designated Messiach was not something to be taken lightly, and I knew in the grander scheme of things that as the Joseph, I would be his tutor. Some may now believe that the pupil can give the master a lesson, and from a Judaic perspective my brother has been a pure beacon, respected by the Way, the Essenes, the Mandeans, the Saabans and most loved indeed by the Armenians and the Greeks, who also loved our dad so dearly. I am honoured that Justus worked hard to maintain a permanent Hebrew scripture school in Tiberias, in the first house he bought there, and the second has become a cherished holy place for prayer and meetings of The Way.

There was a time when people claimed that my father Aristobulus and my mother Salome would never attain power, but he became the true King of the Jews, as Agrippa was always a Roman puppet, and he and my mom were honoured for their peacemaking in many, many lands, Justus and I are fortunate to carry forth these traditions, and we govern Rome and Armenia with pureness of heart and gladness of soul.

Where the Empire may be abstract to some, this kingdom is my life, and my biggest fear is that our dream for a just society becomes a lament for wishes unfulfilled. For the Roman Empire I hope for a future of peace, prosperity and joyfulness in the lands. May the man most suitable to lead the people rise through his abilities to do so. May we follow the desires of our parents and not revert to greedy leadership that considers only the benefits for themselves and their relatives.

For my family and those of faith I hope that this rift between the Believers can be repaired and that the followers of Jeshua will stand side by side with the children of Moses and Allah to build a better world for all humanikind. Even before my parents were married, everyone knew that my mom deserved to be with dad and that he was the only Prince worthy of the Scarlet Princess. Though my father was grafted onto the line of Aristobulus through his adoption by Herod of Chalcis, my mother is a daughter of Herodias whose own father was indeed Aristobulus, son of Herod.

It is rightful that my grandmother will always be known as Sacred Mary, Mother of Our Lord, yet it is a true thing that my own mother's powerful greatness and abundance of writings are being separated into elements of Mary and the writings of Johan. Our parents were ahead of their time...

May Peace be with You All

Dad's Early Days; Mom and Jahn (by Josephus)

My father is Jeshuah Mathias, the first and the thirteenth, and though he is celebrated far and wide, his life was not a bed of roses and little is written of the years between his Bar Mitzvah and his ascendancy.

In dad's early teens, my grandfather Herod Polli Joseph divorced my grandmother to marry Princess Berniece, and this came as a big surprise to my father. In his mid-teen years, Mariamne was living in Rome with James and Ruth (Tamara stayed on with Jesh in Galilee), and the separation from his mother and younger siblings was excruciatingly painful for my dad.

He responded with a certain amount of rebelliousness, and his followers were legion in the Temple and on the streets, everywhere truth be sought my father's name was on people's lips. He was said to be the greatest Aristobulus of all time, and by many in The Way, even the Mesiach...

Pilate was in his final Jeru years in those days, and my dad and his sisters and brothers were around to keep things clean. On at least three occasions they had many people ready to lay down on the streets. One time they actually carried through with it, when Pilate was complicit in a ridiculous Roman blasphemy, and all of Jerusalem's major roadways were blocked by twelve thousand peaceful protesters.

Even before he left for the University of Alexandria, hopes and expectations of some in Galilee and Jerusalem were hugely unreachable. People were believing Aristobulus would unite all Judaic faithful and overthrow the Roman occupiers, but even at a young age my father was promoting Inity among all humanikind, not just among Jews and Romans.

Some Orthodox elements questioned his pedigree, while others celebrated it. Radicals challenged his passion, and conservatives thought him hot headed and self-righteous. His family was concerned about some of the blokes he was hanging with, and when people gathered to hear him teach, spies and Romans were never far away.

As his own arranged marriage to Princess Drusilla was never intended (by those in power, anyway) to be anything other than a preparation for later life, its rapid dissolution wouldn't have been so bothersome except for the fact that he was also despondent over my mom's first marriage, to the Baptist. The fateful hand of Rome and Jah would bring that to its course, but there was a time of agony and separation on both sides of the divide.

Take this social situation and internal pressure and dash in the highest of expectations for his own life, and you can see how my dad was truly purified by fire.

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