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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bottom-Up Politics - USA Healthcare Public Option at State Level

One thing many Americans may not be familiar with regarding the Canadian healthcare system is that it is administered at the provincial level and is not a national plan. This way each province is free to respond to local needs while still receiving funding from national coffers.

If the health care bill as now proposed passes, it will be disappointing for a great many US citizens, but it is not the end of the road. We earned our health care through community activism, protests and strikes, though many in the younger generation do not know about the CCF, forerunners of the NDP (New Democratic Party), our third national party. Larger states must be urged to consider launching their own public option and/or single payer systems, and smaller states should consider setting up regional alliances to offer quality medical care for all USA citizens.

It has been proven time and again the world over that the two most effective uses of national tax revenue are education and health care, to create and sustain a skiled, productive workforce. Please remember though that it is not about how small or how large the government is, but rather how much high quality service is returned to the public for each dollar received. In Canada we have a world class public education system, and a health care system that is the equal of any other.

Nobody goes bankrupt or loses their home because of doctor or hospital bills, and in the 21st century, this is the way it should be.

USA Health Care Reform Link:

HealthReform.gov Official US Government Healthcare Reform website

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