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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pot-smoking Canadian PM; A Visionary Platform

There are two scenarios where Canadians may be wise enough to elect a Ganjah-influenced Prime Minister to lead our peaceful nation. There is a precedent with Pierre Trudeau, and others you don't know about.

The side-by-side existence of the NDP and the Green Party has fractured the traditional left in Canada, and the logical conclusion there is for a merger into the Green Democratic Party, with a focus on ecological and social justice issues. While the left is divided the Liberals can take the left of center psychographic for granted, and focus their efforts on the middle-right. This has resulted in a distortion of traditional Liberal policy, but it's not just the fault of the left. The Conservatives were eaten from the inside by the Reform Party and that faction, though now moderated by power and reality, still controls most of the levers.

One situation where Canada could go for a cannabis king would be as leader of the newly formed Green Democratic Party, the other other would be as leader of a rejuvenated, returned to purpose Liberal Party that returned ton the center in Zen-like fashion and fulfilled the promise of unity the party so often holds for Canadians.

A Proposed 5-Point Policy Platform:

1. Clean Energy as a Responsibility

Canadians are massive users of energy, and not just because we live farther apart than most humans do, but also because we rarely feel the effects of any shortages of fuel or other materials. We have the greatest resources per capita (land, water, gold, oil, natural gas, forests, hospitals, schools, phones etc etc) of any nation on earth, so it is imperative that we become a global co-leader in the greening of our energy base. Even if global warming was not a reality, this would be required for reasons of reducing toxicity in energy production. Coal, oil and uranium will all be phased out of electricity production over the next one to two decades in industrialized nations and within the next three to four decades in emerging nations.

I have long proposed a Canadian Wind Line, a Nova Scotia to BC wind energy generation and clean power transmission line. This will be a great job generator and will train Canadians for many private sector and public sector green energy projects across North America and around the world.

2. A Return to Farenheit

The scale created by Daniel Farenheit measures air based on human comfort, with zero degrees being a cold day, and one hundred degrees indicating a hot day. The scale created by Andre Clesius measure liquids based on their density relative to water, with zero degrees being the freezing point of water, and one hundred degrees being the boiling point of water. Even when considering the temperature of water for human husage, eg, a lake temperature, Farenheit is more useful as it lets us know how cold the water is compared to the air and to our own body temperature, which is ninety-eight point six degrees.

Our American cusins have this one right, and under my leadership Canadians will return to a Farenheit scale. It's also more accurate, with smaller degrees of measurement, which is why it's still used by chefs and doctors. used in hospitals

3. Decriminalization and Legalization of Marijuana

Removing cannabis from criminal laws has been favoured by experts and the public for decades, so that will be a first year priority. The goal would be full legalization within three to seven years, based on public and expert consent. If we allow medical marijuana and we do and we will, then disallowing spiritual marijuana is an affront to Rastafari and other religions; surely the soul is the true recipient of the plant's benefits and prevention of illness must be paramount in Canadian medical policy.

When people witness that decriminalization does not threaten the fabric of Canadian society, they will understand more clearly how legalization then becomes a social justice issue, and Canada must be a leader in this arena.

4. Expansion and Improvement of Health Care Resources

Canada has been a leader in development of health care and medical facilities for everyone, but we must continue to move forward. Federal support will be provided for new provincial programs that will add coverage for procedures and programs such as:

A) Dental care for children up to twelve years of age, with the eventual goal of raising this to seventeen.

B) Nutritional education and preventive medicine clinics where these resources are not readily available.

C) Federal support for academic and private sector research and development into nutriceuticals, with particular emphasis on products including cannabis, hemp, spirulina, bee propolis, kelp, flax, cranberry, pomegranate and other proven life-giving foods.

I would listen to the experts, but you get the idea, Coverage has to move forward with the times, or it will be dragged backward by reactionary forces.

5. Bilingual Republic within British and Fench realms

On this one people will say that I really want to have my cake and eat it too, but I would seek independence from England at the same time as requesting a special relationship with both Britain and France. I will propose that Canada become a bilingual federal republic, with English and French as the official languages in perpetuity, with allowances for government services to be provided (where populations justify it, and through translators if necessary) in native languages and in new Canadian languages such as Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Spanish etc.

The idea would be to become independent of the power of the throne, yet remaining a member of the British Commonwealth. I don't think it is outrageous to speculate that the UK may be see the value in becoming a partner with Canada, as we are their favourite colony and they had to know that this day would come, when they would see their offspring mature into adulthood.

As for France, our Quebecois remain close to the motherland, and French-Canadians across our land do now and will continue to feel part of the community of French nations. Even though the citizens of Quebec have voted two times to stay in Canada, at least one of the votes was uncomfortably close, showing a schism that may be generational (most separatists were born in the forties to sixties) but could also be somewhat cyclical. It's time to utilize the peace and harmony existing now in Canada to cement a permanent partnership recognizing the origins of the culture, values and laws of Canada. There are three founding nations in Canada, the Native peoples, the English, and the French, but there were only two languages you could use from coast to coast, and it is worth preserving the humanity and justice in that duality, and building from that base.

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