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Saturday, May 29, 2010

NHL's Bettman an embarrassment who MUST GO!!!

Could Shanahan or McLean replace Bettman?

There was a time when the NHL and the hockey world in general needed an injection of marketing zazz, but at this Josephson juncture of puzzling opportunities, what the world needs now is an infusion of hockey blood. Brendan Shanahan, anyone?

The idea that NHL players will not be at the 2014 Olympics is an insult to hockey fans and all humanity. This guy is OUT OF TOUCH with hockey fans in Canada, the USA and globally. Team USA has a legitimate shot in 2014, as do Canada and Russia, so how can a true hockey fan not revere and foretaste this looming showdown? Sad to say, Bettman IS NOT a real hockey fan, but rather a frontman, a hired gun who needs to be run out of town for the health of the sport.

Rather than continuing to pour the league's money into failing franchises, let's make some moves to bring in outside cash, and if certain markets cannot be turned around, move them to markets looking greener.

Step One - Expand by 2 teams, raise $800 million

Offer one team for Canada and one for USA, at $400 mil per.

The Canadian team will go to Hamilton (Jim B is a technology and marketing whiz whose company Blackberry / Research In Motion sponsored a major U2 tour) and the funds divided:

A) 30 teams x 10 mil per = 300 mil
B) Bottom 5 to 8 teams financially = 50 mil
C) Leafs 30 mil Sabres 20 mil = 50 mil
D) NHL gets help assisting the weak, but no direct cash

Sub-Total 400 mil

The US team could be awarded by merit of proposal and the funds divided as above, with C funds being awarded to the 2 or 3 most affected nearby franchises.

Sub-Total 400 mil

Total 800 mil new money by adding 2 teams

With 32 teams, it will be easy to create 4 divisions of 8 teams each.

Step Two - Strengthen the Thirty-Two

If teams cannot be returned to profitability within 3 years, OR find local investors to support the team, then they can be moved to cities that want hockey, such as Winnipeg, Quebec, Seattle etc.

Leagues evolve and new strengths emerge to replace failed enterprises, that's just the way it goes in pro sports. You can't let the weak suck the life out of the strong...

I can't say the guy has been a total failure, as even Robert Mugabe did a lot of good when he was younger and less corrupt. Bettman's value to the NHL has diminished greatly, and he is becoming a nemesis of hockey fans; a new face is needed at the helm. Ron Mclean, anyone?

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