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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Homicidal Taliban blows up starving people on Christmas Day

The news out of Pakistan is fucking depressing to say the least, in that 43 people were killed while waiting at a food distribution checkpoint. A woman wearing an explosive vest threw two grenades into the crowd before setting off her suicide bomb, which also injured another 100 or more people.

Officials stated it was the first suicide attack by a woman in Pakistan. The homicidal bomber attacked in the northern city of Bajur, a conflicted region near the Afghan border where the military has clashed with the Taliban and al Qaeda. While it is understood that many of those attacked belonged to the Salarzai tribe, who were among the first to set up a militia – known as a lashkar – to fight the Taliban, it remains difficult to fathom how attacking the hungry will win over public support for the Taliban neanderthals.

The Wahhabi believe that the 10th and 11th century represented way too much liberalism, and believe that things should be exactly as they were in the 8th Century, when Mohammed's descendants laid down the original rules of Islam. Although the 7th to 11th centuries represent the ascendancy of Islamic faith and culture, with crucial progress in mathematics, architecture, art and music, this beneficial development was deemed degenerate by early Wahhabis, who could already sense how globalization would reduce their power.

In the excellent book Militant Islam, the author points out how losing wars and experiencing cultural erosion has made many Arab and Muslim nations feel victimized, and Wahhabis have played on these emotions. In the 21st Century the battle will not be won with guns and bombs; Peace in the global Gaia Village will come from human compassion and understanding, consciousness and wisdom.

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