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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sarah Palin must be really pissed at Donald tRump

Possibility of wacko vote being split down middle

With tRump looking like he believes he may enter the race, the train wreck possibilities are everywhere, and for the sake of the Republican Party and the USA as a whole, it's probably better if someone emerges soon to crush The Don's fragile and unrealistic hopes.

I'm more of a Green punk and also Canadian myself, however the state of political discourse in America is so base, anachronistic and juvenile that one would hope for more intelligence and forthrightness from all corners.

Yet tRump rises in the polls...

That's not just the spring thaw you see starting up in Alaska, as some of the snow melt with panoramic views of the Russian coast is said to have been caused by excessive steam pouring forth from the ears of Sarah Palin. The Mistress of the North has to be dazed and confused by the rapid rise of egomeister Donald Trump, a candidate that can clearly cater to the fringes where Palin is most at ease. How many birthers have gone from the Gal to the Don?

Or is he only warming them up for the main act?

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