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Monday, July 12, 2010

Deepwater Horizon UPDATE: Please God help BP make this one stick!

Not sure if it is just different camera angles than usual, but most of the underwater cams seem to be missing the usual culprit, gushing oil, out of control.

As I write at 8.19pm EDT, it seems the cap fits and the blowout is contained. Now it's possible that higher up, the oil is spilling out of the top of the cap, but even if so, the next stage would be to attach a pipeline to that, at least to get it on to a tanker.

This thing has had me down, a ways down, as I feel the damage will worsen for 5 to 7 months at least after the blowout is contained, and we will begin to see environmental improvement in 10 to 15 months. Full recovery could take a decade or more, and some areas will never fully be what they were before man's folly (arrogance of dangerous deep drilling) obliterated undersea life.

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