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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deepwater Horizon vs Chernobyl; Lessons for the 21st Century

As we transition from a fossil and planetary decay (nuclear power accelerates radiation) fueled economy to Our Infinite Energy Electro-Hydrogen Economy, it has been apparent since TMI and Chernobyl that a part of the path involves safely decommissioning atomic power reactors, and finding ways to store and/or break down the radioactive waste.

Three Mile Island was a loud warning and Chernobyl marked the end of Atoms for Peace expansion; Deepwater Horizon already looks to be the greatest environmental disaster ever in the Americas, and it is threatening to be an even wider problem.

Now that BP's Deepwater Horizion oil well blowout has revealed the global danger of deepwater drilling, ecologists must now bring forth a plan for the decommissioning of deepwater oil wells, starting with those exhibiting the most dangerous pressure readings, and those in the most environmentally sensitive areas. Progressive countries must halt all new deepwater drilling for oil, though in many areas natural gas drilling may still be able to proceed.

Peak oil involves earth changing decisions, required to avoid planet shattering calamities. Beginning the off-oil path by eliminating the most dangerous sources is extremely logical. This is the tip of the iceberg, and though this issue may be a world-uniter, we're still headed for the iceberg. We need to put the brakes on burning, and hit the gas on sustainable clean power.

Here's a proposal: Mr. Pickens, please open up your new Texas wind farm to solar energy developers, and invite the top fifty to try and get the maximum energy out of one hectare each, and I bet at least twenty-five or thirty will take you up on the challenge. The top performers can then win the right to bid on multi-hectare properties within the complex, improving again the efficiency of the operation, optimizing results for stakeholders and citizens.

Just as we know biodiversity is crucial, and monoculture can be threatening, know also that independent power is most logically deployed utilizing an array of technologies including solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels and more. Check back as I plan on posting a list of a dozen or more green energy stocks under $5, and I've noticed a lot of these seem to be bottoming or resuming a climb.

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