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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First demand of Occupy Together / United for #globalchange

While we would like to clearly state that the oppressed should never at any time be limited to one demand, a single request is required to get negotiations going, so let us consider starting with an important, likely crucial one. If you agree, please place the short version on a poster or sign, and the full demand can be utilized during your General Assembly and other gatherings, and in your publications.

Yuya Joe College
Toronto the Good

1st Demand, Occupy Together

End oil, coal and uranium

First Demand, United for #globalchange

The people demand that academic, business and political leaders develop and execute a coherent ten year plan to evolve and transition our society away from a dependency on toxic fuels coal, oil and uranium, utilizing natural gas as a bridge fuel while developing an infinite energy based, organic economy. The new green model will have a diverse range of renewable power inputs, including geothermal, solar, wind, biomass / biogas / biofuel, wave / tidal, fuel cell, additional clean energy technologies plus improving efficiencies in energy generation, power transmission, energy storage / batteries and modern conservation techniques.

As hemp is a proven provider of high quality food and fuel, plus fibre for paper and clothing, it is imperative for our planet that hemp be given a central role in the emerging organic economy.

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