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Friday, October 14, 2011

The rapid rise of United for Global Change

American Autumn of Inspiration spawns worldwide protests tomorrow

How the Canadian magazine Adbusters launched a planetary revolution

How did a small Canadian “culture jammers” magazine inspire a global revolution? The story of United for Global Change begins with the Adbusters call for a protest called Occupy Wall Street (OWS), to begin on September 17, 2011. The instigators of the action would have had no way of knowing what they were about to set off, and the global movement has grown so fast that it seems to be a case of perfect timing. It is almost as if people thought “if the world's gonna end in 2012, we don't wanna go down like bitch-ass punks, so let's stand up and fight for what's right.”

Huffington Post lets readers down by not covering global uprising

First of all, keep in mind that this has been an organic, grassroots uprising, with little help from established media, including even the usually reliable Huffington Post. I was shocked that HuffPost carried a badly written climate change disinformation piece by Conrad Black earlier this week, but was even more dismayed that not a single mention of the United for Global Change movement was made anywhere on the HP website, even though we will be protesting in over 900 cities and over 80 countries tomorrow.

Back in July, after being inspired by the Tahrir Square people's uprising in Egypt and the wider Arab Spring of Hope, Adbusters magazine issued a call for protesters to Occupy Wall Street on September 17th, 2011. The fact that the call came from Vancouver, Canada, and that NYC's Zucotti Park is owned by Canada's Brookfield Properties, both went unnoticed by mainstream media.

On the 23rd of August, global hacker group Anonymous issued a video backing #OccupyWallStreet, and the movement spread globally from that day forward. The success of S17 in the USA gave rise to the 15OCT protests being coordinated internationally, and here we are on the eve of the biggest global protests ever held.

This ain't no Tea Party, this ain't no foolin around

Those who would compare the OWS ethos with the Tea Party surely miss the uprights by a wide margin. Although there was a grassroots angle to the early gatherings, that “movement” was quickly taken over by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News organization, whop paid the Tea Party's bills by granting huge amounts of free television coverage. From there it was easy as pie to get the original Tea-baggers to abandon their own goals and become shills for America and the world's billionaires and multinational corporations. Now it is just an obstructionist rump within the Republican Party, a new “Moral Majority” that again represents neither morality nor a majority of American citizens.

As for the 99%, who will be protesting in almost 1,000 cities worldwide tomorrow, it will be fascinating to see if the rapid rise of United for Global Change will lead to enduring, positive, progressive change.

Our planet and its two-legged creatures could really use a respite, and on Saturday, October 15th, conscious human beings will be throwing a few more wrenches into the churning gears of the toxic death machine.

Let the Autumn of Inspiration roll on!

Primary websites of United for Global Change movement:

October 15th worldwide network - United for Global Change

Livestream Global Revolution streaming videos website

TakeTheSquare.net official website

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