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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bloodless democratic evolution in China: A 7-Point Plan

Seven Point Program for bringing democracy to People's Republic of China

As I have written previously, if China is to avoid the bloodshed of conflict, the powers that be must channel the liberation energy into building a newer, better, smoother and more prosperous People's Republic of China.

A nation that fails to allow civil protest will find its jails filled with civilians, and its streets littered with criminals.

Dear Mr. Hu:

In these early months of 2011, everyone has witnessed a call for an end to fake democracies, rigged elections, and human rights violations. The People's Republic of China is in a unique position, in that your nation has evolved and developed to meet the needs of a growing population, even when that meant abandoning outdated, false ideologies. The power of the people demands no less.

Within twenty or thirty years if not sooner, China will become the biggest economy in the world, and it's important to remember that ALL the other major large economies are indisputably free and open democracies, without exception. If the Chinese people are to experience the benefits of progress, they require regular, meaningful votes, and need to live their lives without fear, especially of the government.

If Zen philosophy can be crudely defined as seeking the Middle Way, then my country, Canada, embraces this motto culturally and politically, and I encourage you to make every effort to maintain our beautiful and crucial friendship.

The very first step will be learning to tolerate large, peaceful crowds of protesters. If they are non-violent, they are not to be harmed. There is a much better way.

Here are my seven suggestions for channelling the positive energy of democratic forces into building a freer and stronger People's Republic of China, with 2016 as the target date for the first fully open national elections, after free regional elections to be scheduled much sooner.

Five Year, Seven Point Plan for Democratic Evolution in China

One - Freeing Up the Cities

Schedule fully open elections in the 200 largest cities for Autumn of 2012, followed by all other cities and major towns during Spring 2013.

Two - Opening Up the Economy

First things first, open up the trade between the provinces as much as possible. On an international scale, seek to enter free trade agreements with resource rich nations such as Canada, Australia, Brazil and Ghana, while also working hard to establish strong trade with human capital nations, such as India, Japan, Korea, the UK and the USA.

2011 would be a great time to begin, say in the Spring.

Three - Provinces Elect New Leaders

Based on the success of new candidates and parties in the municipal elections, the provincial elections will be synchronized and fully opened in 2014.

Four - Expansion of Human Rights

Include limiting of death penalty to extreme cases (terrorism, serial killers, mass murderers), increased right of appeal, right to lawyer, translator. Non-violent civil disobedience must be encouraged at home and abroad, and the teachings of Tolstoy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela should be taught from primary school and up.

Amnesty International currently ranks People's Republic of China poorly for human rights record, and this can easily be improved upon.

Five - Legalize Marijuana

Some may feel this is not a crucial issue, however I can advise you that when your prisons start to fill up with gardeners (as they have in California and Ontario), while ill robbers, rapists, and murderers roam the streets due to "overcrowding," legalizing a supremely beneficial herb will be an obvious, expeditious option.

In the spirit of Shen Nung, China will be wise to align with progressive nations such as Canada, The Netherlands, the UK and Ghana, to research, develop and market marijuana-based medicines, including teas, baked goods, herbal blends for specific remedies.

Laws can be introduced by early 2012 or sooner, proscribing full legalization and promoting and funding the development and export of hemp-based products and marijuana-infused medicines.

In the Western world, two of the fastest growing industries are medical marijuana, and nutriceuticals. These will meet synergistically in 21st Century medicines with hemp as a nutritive ingredient (together with flax, kelp, spirulina) and cannabis sativa as an active medicinal ingredient, often with herbs, berries and flowers such as comfrey, cranberry and chamomile.

Six - Full Freedom of the Press and the Internet

If your citizens want a variety of views in politics in life, they deserve this. When your people need information in order to compete with companies abroad, they absolutely need full and unfettered access to the Internet. Anything less, and China will fail to fully develop its economic and cultural potential.

This needs to begin in 2011. Reporters Without Borders' World Press Freedom Index for 2010 ranked China 171st out of 178 countries, alongside poor nations such as Rwanda, Eritrea, and North Korea.

China will improve significantly in this area, and the changes must begin now.

Seven - Full Free and Open National Elections

Potentially to be held in the Spring of 2016, the free and fair elections held at the municipal level in 2012 and the provincial level in 2014 would provide democratic precedence and experience invaluable when the national elections are in full swing, and the whole world will be watching.

There are many other things that can be done to assist China's evolution to a fully democratic nation, and these ideas are offered as a starting point, a conversation piece if you must. Please accept that the suggestions come with only the welfare of the Chinese people and all human beings in mind, and are provided with a generosity of spirit, good wishings, blessings, love and respect.

Peace 2 All,

Yuya Joe College

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