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Friday, March 18, 2011

Online Guide to Iodine: Foods, Sources, Nutritional Supplements

While researching an article on foods that help prevent radiation sickness, I was able to compile lists of various types of iodine available, including at pharmacies and in health food and grocery stores. My hope is that this can be of value to readers, particularly those who may be in the path of radioactive winds.

Iodine supplements and natural food sources

Iodine-based nutritional / medicinal products (pharmacies)

Prolamine Iodine

Supplements that include significant iodine (health food stores)

LifeExtension – Sea-Iodine
LifeExtension – Vitamin D3 with Sea-Iodine
Cataplex F
Iodine Plus 2

Foods high in iodine

Some foods with naturally high iodine content include fish (especially Haddock), garlic, onions, watercress, sea greens such as seaweed / kelp / dulse / wakame / kombu, Iceland moss, ager-ager, egg-yolk, mushrooms, fish liver oil, pineapple, low-fat yogurt, artichokes, sorrel, soybeans, navy beans, lima beans, potatoes, turkey breast, goat's milk, spinach, turnip greens, Swiss chard, sesame seeds, whole grains (esp. brown rice), summer squash and strawberries.

As it has been reported that 94.5% of North Americans have diets deficient in iodine, adding more of these foods into your daily meals will also be a benefit to general overall health, sickness prevention and wellness.

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