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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Freedom beckons in Syria; Revolutions and dignity in the Mideast

Syrian leader's response both disappointing and puzzling

I'm not sure why I expected a more intelligent, reasoned response from Bashar al-Assad, for it seems the apple never falls too far from the tree. The Syrian leader's infantile and insulting stance explains why he and Chavez are practically alone among Gaddafi's remaining backers; egomaniacs who fully get that true democracy will bring an end to their absolute power and exorbitant luxury.

Still, Bashar had an opportunity to ride a wave, get out in front of the herd, and likely be able to stay in power for a few more years, and live a dignified life, in Syria, after that.

Does al-Assad not have cable TV? The Internet?

It's like these guys don't get Aljazeera and CNN; Do al-Assad and his ilk really believe that Syrians don't deserve as much democracy as Indians, South Africans, Canadians, Egyptians? Even Palestinians are closer to democracy than Syria is, though both should be there soon (easier said than done but this liberty momentum is a bitch and things are rolling on and on).

One would have expected that Bashar al-Assad would have played Syria's leadership card and made some bold moves, but all he looks to have done is declare war on his own people, the ones seeking freedom, dignity and a say in their nation's affairs.

Now it looks like what could easily have been protests leading to positive social change have now morphed into a unifying rebellion that may provide another of 2011's freedom revolutions. People are not afraid of you anymore.

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