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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Huckabee's rants move him into Palin territory

Fox-GOP's Mike Huckabee twice states Obama raised in Kenya

Whther this proves that Huck is a veritable ignoramus a la Palin (and Bill O'Reilly), or that he is wilfully evil and knew he was planting a lie, it really doesn't matter now. The Huckster has proven with these and other recent comments that he is not up to the job of US Presidential candidate.

Joe Strummer and Barack Obama; Sons of diplomats

The Madrassas remark is also stupid. Like Joe Strummer of The Clash who was the son of a diplomat, Barack Obama was the stepson of a diplomat posted to Indonesia. He went to a mixed private school, with boys and girls attending.

In any case, insiders close to Huckabee claim that he cannot afford the drop in pay required to run for President, as he needs his Fox contract to make the mortgage payments on his new Florida mansion. This may explain his base antics, as he readies himself to "cover" the election, rather than be participating in it.

Huckabee is falling, falling, faling... THUD!

The sad thing is that Mike Huckabee has more personality than most of the Republican candidates, and actually has a few good ideas too. Ever since he signed up with Bad Brother Fox, the fake news outlet aimed at disinforming the USA population, it's been all downhill for his political career. Americans will be better off without Palin dumbing down the Republican leadership race, but Huck had the potential to invigorate discussions, so it is genuinely disappointing to watch his descent into moral malfeasance.

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