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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin as Tunis, USA-style

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may face ethics charges

The hilariously revealing Walker tapes are a tragicomedy representing the beginning of the end for the Wisconsin Governor. Having revelations of vested interests is one thing, but plotting to endanger the lives of protesters including women and children is something that citizens are not likely to stomach well.

Wisconsin has strong ethics laws, and they may soon find a time and place to enforce them, if recent CNN reports are any indication.

The now infamous Scott Walker tapes, recorded by a journalist from Buffalo Beast (which bills itself as America's Best Fiend), pretending to be one of the Koch brothers on a telephone call with the governor, are just another Alice in Wonderland peephole into a world likely to be blown open by the reportedly imminent release of wikileaks files relating to US banking and corporate scandals.

Tip to USA protesters, seriously: Get your health care this time!

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