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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three Questions for Wael Ghonim; Rebuilding Egypt

Just in case you have been stuck on a research station in Antarctica (Hi guys and gals!), and/or are Luddite-ish, Wael Ghonim is the brilliant and charismatic, though humble, Google executive who played a key role in organizing the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

Here are my 3 questions for Wael:

1. Do you believe Egypt can supercede Turkey and become Islam's major representative in the world of democratic countries?

2. Is your preference for a parliamentary system with the Prime Minister and his or her Cabinet running the nation, or a Presidential system, or some combination of the two?

3. Are you open to working with and taking advice from the best constitutional experts in the world, who can help entrench concepts such as free and fair elections, human rights, and social justice?

In Canada we are blessed to have had a foresighted Prime Minister named Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and during about a dozen or a bit more years in office, he legalized homosexuality and gambling and abolished the lash, and modernized and internationalized our economy by including French-speakers (now Canada's second Official Language) in government, business and military positions and contracts. Pierre Trudeau went to see the Queen in England and brought our Constitution back to Canada where we re-wrote and modernized it. He was also the major architect of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a pioneering declaration that Canadians benefit immensely from, to this day.

Wael, I know you are a busy man, however if you do see the questions and feel like leaving a short reply in the Comments section, our readers will be delighted!

Peace 2 All, Inshallah,

Yuya Joe College
Toronto, Canada

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